Ok, so I have heard about cleaning your LV with baby wipes, but what about....

  1. What about cleaning the vachetta with Cottonelle Wipes or any of the other wipes more marketed towards adults versus babies??? Has anyone tried this or should I dare not??
  2. I figure it diaper wipes is gentle enough on a baby then it shouldn cause any heavy duty damage on LVs. Don't we cherish our LVs like our babies anyways!

    I'm sure the Cottenelle wipe is just as gentle but I would start off using a very small piece on a small area as a test patch.
  3. The Cottonelle wipes are probably really just the same as baby wipes. I would say they are most likely fine, just make sure they don't have alcohol in them--- it's drying!
  4. I was skeptical but I used baby wipes for the first time this morning and was thrilled that they clean but cause no damage to the vachetta.
    I bought just generic alcohol-free wipes from Target, there's no need for them to be Pampers or Huggies :smile: