Ok - so I got some OPK's...now what?

  1. Ok all you mommies and mommies to be...when's the best time to pee on these things? (heheh...you know what I mean!)

    morning? afternoon? same time every day? any tips you can give me?

    thanks so much!
  2. I have heard to do it first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up.
  3. What does OPK mean? pregancy kit? Like the pregnancy test stick you pee on?
  4. morning
  5. really? I've read conflicting things then. Some say to do the OPK at the same time each day, but NOT first thing in the morning. (but you should do a HPT first thing..)

    hmm...anyone else have any insight on these ovulation predicting sticks?

    opk = ovulation predicting kit...tests for the LH surge (think I have that terminology correct...)
  6. It's best to do them around lunchtime or later. The OPK tests for an LH surge. Most women have an LH surge in the early morning and it takes around 4 hours for that to show up in urine.

    You should also take the OPK at around the same time each day.
  7. Thanks!

    considering I work during the day and really don't feel like dragging a dixie cup into the ladies room with me...think i'll be okay doing this around 5/5:30 when I get home?

    also - when do you reccommend starting the testing?
    the kit says on day 13 for me (29 day cycle) so that would be April 24th.
    however on webmd.com...when I put in my last 3 cycles, it says I'm "highly fertile" between april 22 and april 27

    should I start testing on the 22nd to be sure?

    (Thanks by the way!)
  8. I am a pee on a stick aholic! hahah or was cause Im on a break .

    Well, OPKS like the other stated are detecting your LH surge. The best time to take one is in the afternoon. Like 4 oclock or any time before 6 pm.
    Start tracking your cycles as Cycle day 1(which is the DAY you start your menses). On Cycle day 11(CD11) you need to start peeing on an OPK every day at the same time or you could miss your LH surge. Most women ovulate on anywhere from CD13-CD16 assuming you have a regular 28 day cycle. For me however, I NEVER know when Im ovulating without OPKs . Test every day CD11 - whenever you get your surge. The two lines will be the same color or the test line will be darker than the control line, when you have reached your surge(ovulation). It is VERY important to BD (baby dance if you know what I mean)...starting from CD11 to the 2 days after you reach your surge . BD every other day for best results or atleast 3 times a week During week 2 and 3 of your cycle. I will be blunt here but the BEST style for the sperm to reach the egg is missionary. Stay propped up for 10 minutes after you are done . If you have a problem with sperm leaking out, I suggest Instead Cups. They are used for menses but also have been used to place inside you after you BD to keep it for leaking out. I know a few people who used them and I will use them again when I start TTC again in July.
    I wish you the greatest luck. Feel free to ask any questions. And really welcome the world of obsessing but remember to relax and not let it consume you, thats not healthy at all.
  9. ^^^That's very well written and great advice!!
  10. Best wishes! :biggrin:
  11. HELP! I just started OPK, but I am worried I missed it this week. Every Ovulation calendar online says that today is my most fertile, but I took an OPK today at 1pm and nothing. I even have the mucus that would indicate I am having an LH surge.

    I was planning this big elaborate seduction tonight with a great meal and everything. But is it worth it tonight? Kind of like shaving your legs...
  12. My OPKs were for the afternoon. HPT is first thing in the morning. I started testing around day 6 of my cycle (I have short ones) I got 2 negs, 2 pos. PG in the first month!

    Tabby, have sex at least every 48 hours. Um, some positions are better than others. Keep your knees up and stay horizontal for 5 minutes!!
  13. ^ I just realized you and deweydrop are just one week apart in pregnancy!! :biggrin: Congrats!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks!! I have my first appt. on June 25th with an u/s!!
  15. LOL - Yep! After 1 month of the OPKs...knocked up! So glad I took ya'lls advice and did them!

    I've already had my first appointment...but I'm going for my first u/s tomorrow!