ok so i finally got a mizi but its not the vienna

  1. i just won this auction for a monogram mizi( 180056464315). its my birthday present from my boyfriend and i really love the bag but it just reminded me of how much i really want the mizi vienna. is it too much to ask my boyfriend to get me the vienna for christmas because i really want to ask but i'm afraid im pushing it seeing as how my birthday is also in december.
  2. Happy Birthday! I love the mono mizi...I think it is a great choice!! See how you like it before asking for the vienna. Congrats!
  3. I like the mizi!!! congrats!
  4. happy birthday and congrats on the purse! i say wait on the vienna as well.
    either way. good luck on your decision!
  5. Happy early birthday! :wlae:

    I think the Mono Mizi is gorgeous...CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: I also agree with smallfry...maybe you should wait and test out the Mono Mizi before you ask for the Mizi Vienna. You might decide against having 2 bags of the same style...good luck! :yes:
  6. happy birthday! and congrats
  7. I love this bag! I would wait until you get this one and see how much you like it. I've been looking for a Mizi. I think you'll really enjoy it!

    Congrats and Happy early Birthday!:yahoo:
  8. Congrats! :yahoo: I agree with the others. See how you like the Mono Mizi first.
  9. Mono Mizi is my dream LV. I love that purse! :heart:
  10. hooray!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats..happy birthday! love this bag..good luck with Vienna..it's TDF..
  13. The Mizi is the greatest Mono bag. Congrats! : )
  14. Love Mizi, gongratulations! You´ll get the Vienna next time!
  15. thanks everyone. i've been dying for this bag and i'll just start saving my funds starting now, so just in case a vienna comes around i'll be ready