ok so i am about to order a small mc piece

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  1. so I think im going to get the mc pochette mm. My question is. What all can you fit in it and does anyone have pictures of theirs??
  2. well, it looks pretty flat, maybe it can hold some flat ish things like a razr, an ipod, lipgloss, cc, a FLAT wallet....
  3. The MM is pretty small, IMO. Have you seen the GM at all? I think it's more practical than the MM.
  4. won't hold much. cell phone, lip stick and credit card
  5. oh I love the mc pochette mm...I always wanted it, perhaps you can use it as a cles? It's a bit larger than a cles, last time I saw it...
  6. Does any1 have a pic of the pochette mm? I dont even know what mm means :s
  7. MM means moyen modele or medium version.