Ok so dosnt this ever put you off Chanel

  1. Omg, I can completely relate to this! :tup:
  2. You are so wise--well said!
  3. great idea; one just has to be so careful about authenticity; what sites/places can one go to assure of the real thing? I'm so happy for you getting what you love!
  4. That is so true! Well said.
  5. I think buying a pre-owned Chanel is a great alternative, but how do you know you're getting the real thing? I'd be afraid of buying on eBay. I'm so glad you were able to find what you were looking for!
  6. I'd recommend spending a lot of time doing research on the sellers. Look at their selling history, what they actually have sold, what their ratings are like, and if they've been doing it for a long time. Above all, get it authenticated at the Chanel thread when in doubt. I have been looking at Chanel bags on eBay since 1995! You get to know the Chanel details inside and out over time. Sometimes it is too good to be true, and you avoid those.

    Having said all that, I sometimes wonder if my Chanel flap was really worth all my lusting over it. Obviously people see my flap and I know I'm carrying Chanel but I'm realizing while it's my holy grail bag, it really isn't making me any *happier* or *fulfilled*, know what I mean? I was at the shopping outlet the other day, another woman had a gorgeous Chanel teal flap and she looked happy. Another girl was carrying her Hermes Birkin but she had a sour look on her face LOL. I guess it's all relative. I think if these brands weren't so steeped in exclusivity, I wouldn't feel like there is something more than just a pretty bag to love. I love Chanel flaps and yet at the same time I feel modest about owning one, go figure :p
  7. the price increase didn't really put me off, but it does make me think more before purchasing, and i've been very sensible too when it comes to buying a new bag, i prefer to find a pre-owned in a good condition with a more sensible price
    there are some trustable sites like fashionphile, anns fabulous finds or yoogi closet
  8. I know what you mean. Actually I really dont care if someone else knows what I carry; it would just be for me. And maybe something for me to pass to my daughter. None of my friends carry anything like this. Thank you for the useful information--very practical! And certainly food for thought :smile:
  9. I understand how all the 'exclusivity' stuff gets old. It's pretty dumb. Sometimes the SAs can be kind of snobby and other times they are great.

    Having said that, I just got into Chanel last year, and I love my bags that I've bought. I hope to have the jumbo I bought for many years and pass it down to my daughter someday.
  10. I understand your point that Chanel keeps hiking their prices, it's gonn' insane! Although, at the same time, I understand the "exclusivity" the luxury brand wants to pull-off. I don't think you'd wanna be walking around with around 3-4 people having the same bag, would you? :smile: x
  11. I can afford a new bag. I just choose not to. Really there hasn't been anything I HAD to have. At least new. I found I had to have a bag from the 08 Paris Moscou collection because I am Russian and it's very hard to come across. I tried my luck in a boutique but nay nobody had one anywhere. They sold out pretty quick. So I bought one from a fellow TPFer. I never had the desire for a classic flap so my first Chanel was a Cambon bowler in white with black CCs because I loved the style. It's not as white as it once was but then I don't have to baby it. By chance I found a red double flap at the consignment store I give my stuff too and the owner apologized for not calling me. I bought it instantly and gave it to Chanel to fix up. It'll be brand new in a couple months. And I used my consignment funds and a 10% off she gave me long ago to get a beyond great deal on it. So I feel much more accomplished on these 2 bags for less than the price of a new one. I would rather drop a grand in the Chanel store on a lovely necklace or earrings. The SAs at mine are so nice.
  12. Hey everyone thanks for the response. I have finally gotten over the Chanel bag thing lol I'm putting the money towards a diamond ring :smile: chanel is pretty and I will always admire them on all the lovely ladies who have them :smile:
  13. Good job that you're just gonna invest on a diamond ring! After I finally got my Chanel, I'm eyeing for a Hermes, then DH doesn't want me to invest on bags so we're just gonna upgrade our diamond ring..
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    I love Chanel. It's gorgeous, well made, timeless. But I will straight up say it's too damn expensive, even pre-loved! I can't bring myself to spend 2x the cost of my mortgage on one new bag. But that's just me.
  15. Nope who am I kidding I'm defo not over the Chanel thing. Still look through the Chanel
    Subforum and try to convince myself to purchase a flap or clutch lol