Ok so dosnt this ever put you off Chanel

  1. Are you looking for something structured? What size? Does it need to have a flap?
  2. Structured but not too structured as in not slouchy but not boxy either.
    Small/medium size- needs to fit a largish wallet, lipstick, phone, gum, and maybe a sunglasses case and a small brush. It dosnt have to be a flap either. Anything cute :smile:
  3. Without knowing your style or price range I came up with these:




    None of these are my favorite designers or anything, I just tried to come up with some things I might get instead of a Chanel Flap if I were looking for something like that.
  4. Would you consider looking @ bags from other companies or do you think it's just Chanel?
    Here's a couple of YSL's that might get your interest:

  5. Oooh! I am sorry! I don't know what happened! I was trying to show you a couple of smart looking YSL handbags.
  6. If you want Chanel, and don't have a good experience at SCP, try NM in Fashion Island; they are really helpful there.
  7. Have a great time in Paris!
  8. I think it depends on whether u really love it. If yes, one will look towards saving
  9. My tots.. Depends whether u love it a lot enough to wana spend tat amount.. At day end, u r paying not just for the leather/design, u r oso paying for the brand name. If u hv been thinking of it day in n out over a period, say a month, then i'd say get if u can afford it.
  10. Thank you :smile: I like the mulberry one :smile:
  11. Ita w/indiaink. It's a fact of life. We can't do anything about the price increases. We all have to accept it. In the meantime, look for other brands that fits your basic needs and wants.

    If you do really love Chanel, save the money and get a Chanel bag in a particular design you really want. It depends on how many Chanels you need to have. You can be the lady with only 1 Chanel Classic Flap for the rest of her life and enjoy using her every moment or you can be a collector of many Chanels.

    Plus, there are many fellow Chanel tpf'ers who own their 1st Chanel after many years later, some in their late 40s after years of working hard and saving. While there are many young tpf'ers who own many Chanels in their early 20s. It all depends on how much badly you love a Chanel.

    Otherwise, look for preloved and that's how many Chanel new and existing owners are looking at right now. Personally, I have not bought a Chanel bag for a long time but I enjoy keeping all Karl Lagerfeld creations such as RTW and wearing when opportunity comes because Karl won't be alive forever.:flowers:
  12. If you scroll through the bags on each page there are a few for each designer that are more "Chanel like" further down or sideways on the Mulberry site. (chains/flaps)
    Happy hunting :graucho:
  13. Here is my .02:

    Chanel doesn't care whether or not we like the price increases because we are not their demographic. Their demographic doesn't save for a bag or consider it a splurge. Their target market doesn't wait for months or years on end until they can afford one bag, and then post in the forums about how they don't dare let it touch the floor for fear of dirtying the bag they're going to carry the next 10 years.

    I know it's disheartening but it's true. If us little people could easily afford Chanel then it simply wouldn't be Chanel and big spenders wouldn't buy it. I'm sure between all the celebrities, socialites and the politician's wives here in DC that profits are just fine. They put about as much thought into their purchase as we do our Starbucks latte...even though I am bitter about their prices lately :smile:...
  14. Thank you for saying this.
    Just... thank you! :true:
  15. Hey OP, I hear what you are saying. Indeed the prices are ridiculous. The flap bag is exquisite and Chanel is milking that of course. You are asking for an alternative but are you sure, deep down, you want the alternative or are you just settling? If you are settling you will still be coveting the Chanel. And the money you've spent on an alternative bag could have gone towards your HG. If you really want the Chanel you might want to save towards it :cool: