Ok so Birthday is coming up and I can't decide...

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What to get for Birthday

  1. Burberry Custom Trench

  2. YSL Muse White

  3. TODS White Tote

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  1. I either want a custom made Burberry Trench (which is a classic and will last forever) or YSL muse in white or a TODS white tote?!?!?! I've got about a month and a half to decide but until then any advice would be appreciated :biggrin:.
  2. Muse :biggrin:
  3. The Tod's white tote :love: :nuts:
  4. The YSL muse it is so nice.
  5. Pics! :biggrin: Of the Tods at least, I dont know which one you're talking about :biggrin:
  6. Burberry Trench. As you said, it is a definate classic (don't have to wait years to find out! :P ) AND its custom made. Will that option always be at your disposal??? While the Muse is a nice bag as well as the Tod's tote, I would go for the Burberry trench. They are very chic right now (always will be!)
  7. Out of those 3 I would choose the Tod's.
  8. i'd pick the trench!

    when's your b-day? i have about a month and a half, too!
  9. [​IMG]

    For the TODS I was thinking of this...

    My Birthday is in May...woohooo and my anniversary is in June. Maybe I can get 2 things...(wishful thinking)!!!
  10. i say trench only because i've been looking for one since january and can't find the right one...so if you can get one custom made, more power to you!
  11. the muse in white! so pretty!
  12. YSL Muse
  13. I love the Tods bag! Its timeless!
  14. Get the trench! You can wear that forever!