ok sigh..I think I am making my first designer purchase

  1. Marc Jacobs..the new one...here is my problem though. My b-day was two days ago and my dh bought me the cutest Coach sunglasses. My question is ..for summer I would like the Marc Jacobs bag..but is Black taboo for summer/spring? Also would it look tacky with my Coach sunglasses?
  2. Which bag do you mean?

    No, I don't think black is taboo for s/s. Every girl needs a basic black bag for everyday!

    No, I also don't think the MJ bag would look tacky with Coach sunglasses just because they're different designers...if that's what you mean...

    Happy belated bday btw!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  3. i would go for the marc jacobs bag :yes:
    black is for all season i think, there's no taboo in using something you like.
    you wear for yourself, not for others to judge you.

    btw, which MJ do u think to buy?
  4. sunglasses and bags don't have to match IMO, so tackiness isn't a problem. I see people carrying black bags in the summer--no hard and fast rules about when certain colors are acceptable. Spring and summer are good seasons to wear lighter and unusual colors that you seldom see in fall and winter--it's just a light, warm time that goes well with light colors. do what YOU want. You can get the black bag and save it to use in the fall.
  5. ooooh, congratulations! i'm jealous, the act of simply walking will be so much more fun with a cool bag. =)
  6. Thanks everyone..its the one with the Logo on the outside with rivetts..I think its new..saw it in Nordstroms..I like the tan as well...but with Black Sunglasses didn't think that would look right.
  7. I think black is the perfect colour to get your first designer bag in. My first designer bag was also black and I don't regret it at all. Black is so versatile so can be used in summer and winter - well I use mine for both anyway.

    I like to match my sunglasses to my outfit, so if I'm carrying a black bag, I'll wear black sunglasses - the same for brown or red. I don't think it looks tacky at all.
  8. Congratulations (early) but you can wear black all year round. And various designers have declared it glamorous to mix black and brown. As long as you feel cool doing it - you'll look great. And how could you look bad with such a beautiful handbag and killer glasses!
  9. I see people with black bags in the summer. I know I certainly carry black especially when I get lazy with matching.
  10. I carry black all year round. I don't know if that's "fashionably correct" but it works for me. In fact, I really don't think I own a summery bag. One day I might but I just like black or brown for the most part.
  11. No to both questions!
    I never match my bag to my sunglasses, if they are the same brand it is purely coincidence!
    IMO black is all year round, even white is all year round now, although I don't go lighter than bone/ivory in the winter.

    PS - How could a fab Marc Jacobs ever be taboo?:p
  12. Would love to see which MJ bag you mean - I have eyed some myself. I never worry about matching sunglasses to bags.
  13. black leather is all year IMO, black suede seems more appropriate for cold weather to me though.
    I agree, bags and sunnies need not match ;)
  14. ITA!! :yes:
  15. IMO, black is seasonless.

    I am forever mixing and matching sunglass to outfit to bag so no worries on having everything match with just one outfit/bag

    As for leather, just be practical-- don't bring suede to the beach :p

    Congratulations on your first bag!!! :yahoo:
    I remember when I got my first one... :love: