Ok - show of hands...how many people...

  1. got the large Ergo Hobo (11290) for Christmas due to the signficant price drop on it?

    I'll vote for myself AND my sister in law...we both got one (from our brothers...how funny!) in the Brass/Brown/Mahogany color. (After I told DH about the price drop...he went out and got it for his sister...I might've mentioned it to my brother as well...heheh)


    seriously...the bag is back up to $268...a deal was had by all when they went on "sale".
  2. :yes:

    I got one too ! In Brass/Brown/Mahogany
  3. That's the medium, not the large. Good deal none the less.
  4. Great Deal :tup: I have thought about the medium ergo like you have in the past, and at that price it was tempting, but I never liked it on me. Hey, post modeling pics!!! :tup:
  5. My mom and I both got one in brown siggie!
  6. my apologies...I thought I had deleted the word "large"
    my bad
  7. LOL! I knew you meant medium though since there was unfortunately no large in the chocolate siggie! I got mine with PCE which made it just over $140! My mom called Nordstroms where it was on sale for $178. Then they gave her 25% off of that THEN she used $40 worth of Nordstrom's notes bringing the total before tax/shipping to $93.50! I called her and told her to call her Nords SA to see if she'd honor the 25% off! At first she was skeptical but when she got the bag for under $100, she was one happy mom!
  8. ding dang! now that's a deal my friend!
  9. I got one last week at my local Coach store in the khaki/mahogony color to match my Issy wedges. The wedges were clearance priced at Macy's and after an add'l 40% discount, they ended up pricing at about $64 (before local sales tax). That means that I got both the bag and shoes for only $205 (before sales tax).... what a steal!
  10. I own this bag and LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!! You all will, too! Congrats to all the new owners of a chocolate medium ergo (or ANY ergo!!!!!!)
  11. I am going to get one! Thanks to the ladies here I will purchase one soon. The pictures everyone posted are gorgeous. Thanks! :amuse:
  12. how much was it before??
  13. wow, that's awesome! Then add the 25% off on top and that's a great deal! Too bad it's not my style..........anything else go on price drop??
  14. i did, i did! ordered one with pce and overnight shipping came to $141 total..yay!