OK Shopmom, time to focus!

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  1. Pics as promised of gold togo 30cm Birkin... and a little something extra:flowers:

    25cm vert anis togo Birkin

    Charms and kelly watch
    000_0047MA12093818-0001.JPG 000_0049MA12093818-0002.JPG 25cm%20Vert%20anisMA12093818-0003.JPG charmsMA12093818-0004.JPG
  2. love that vert anis color soo pretty!!
  3. They are all so beautiful! The vert anis really pops out!
  4. ACK!!!!! GraceKelly.....that's....that's my bag!

    I'm going to focus....I'm going to focus.....I'm going to focus.....:Push:
  5. Gorgeous bags! You got a double whammy there and lots of other small whammies.
  6. Love those! I so want to see chartreuse and vert anis together in person. I wanna be able to see the difference in those colors.
  7. Whoa! Sooooo gorgeous! New must have: 25cm vert anis togo Birkin!!
  8. Wait, shopmom, the Vert Anis or the gold?
  9. Beautiful bags, Gracekelly! I love your charms too!
  10. Your birkins are just fabulous! hell, your whole collection is TDF!
  11. GK, I love your collection~ The gold Togo is such a pretty color, neutral, gorgeous and chic all at the same time. I love your vert anis too, that color looks great in togo. And your charms ... where do I begin? I love those charms~~~:nuts:
  12. It's hard to tell with her "Hermes ADHD" but I think she's after the Gold. :lol:

  13. LMAO, E..... :roflmfao: That so perfectly describes me lately!!!!
  14. ^ hehehe!!! Gold is one of my faves bbut I'd love to see Shopmom go for the Vert anis!
  15. D, Every time I picture you going into a Hermes Boutique, I picture the Tasmanian Devil whirling around the boutique like a tornado grabbing bags & scarves.

    :roflmfao: :party: :lol:
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