Ok She's HERE! Grenat Purse. Better than I hoped!

  1. Well I was a little nervous I wouldn't like the color in person but OH MY! She is a beauty..What do you guys think? My SA really picked out a nice one for me. The leather is great. The kind Fedex guy also delivered this little Pod/planet/boobie. Any idea what color it is? Teal or Sky blue?:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    P1010107.JPG P1010099.JPG P1010106.JPG P1010085.JPG P1010080.JPG P1010110.JPG
  2. You're right, she's a beaut! The boobie looks like sky blue.:love:
  3. She is beautiful!! Congrats!!
  4. :heart: your Grenat Purse. Congrats and Enjoy.
  5. pretty! congrats on your new additions!:yahoo: your boob is sky blue.:lol:
  6. so pretty, congrats! i love the color! :love:
  7. The color and leather look fabulous! Enjoy this great bag!
  8. I love it; that is so pretty. Congratulations!!
  9. Congrats! Both are beautiful. I'm thinking about getting one of those planet thingys.
  10. C'mon Elongreach....you know you want to say "Boobie!".

    Congrats Fortheluvofbags! She's gorgeous! Woohooooo!
  11. Beautiful!!!!!!!
  12. WOW .... CONGRATS fortheluv.... :flowers: - the grenat purse is AMAZING and the little planet/boobie is soooooo cute :beach::happydance:, I would say it is sky-blue - but not absolutely sure :love:
  13. Looks like sky blue (definitely not teal)... and congrats on your new beauties! :heart:
  14. It's gorgeous!! Love that color and the Purse style is now one of my favs too! Congrats and Enjoy!! (& your little blue Planet is cute too!)
  15. Congrats:yahoo: !!!
    Your bag is gorgeous :love: !!