Ok seriously...Love Tote

  1. So I posted a thread on here before and got informed to search previous threads...none of those answered my question...i PMed a TPFer and got no response...so here it goes..one more time

    I am debating getting the Love Tote PM or MM...not quite sure. My questions are...anyone who has one...how do you like it? Does it get dirty easily? Any other info would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!!! ;)
  2. Are you considering the silk+embroidered OR the canvas+embroidered OR the canvas+miroir LVoe bags?
  3. Its easy it depends if you like big or small bags do you carry lots of stuff or not if you do well you got you'r answer and if you really like it you will get it regardless of anything anyone says if you are carefull with it it should last you a long time. IMO I don't really like the LVE2 totes I like the original Canvas one better the other ones look like cheap versions sorry. But if you really like one I'd say go for it.
  4. I was playing with them this weekend. I like the LoVe tote 2 version better than the first. As for which size to get, I'd get the MM. The PM is realllly small.
  5. canvas miroir
  6. this is the one i want
  7. I have the ecru PM I can't answer the question about dirt as I haven't used it very much but it is a very cute bag I really like it here are pics of what it holds
    SA400092.jpg SA400094.jpg SA400093.jpg That's LoVe.jpg
  8. I don't own one, so I can't help you out with the dirt questions.

    However, I absolutely love these totes. They are so pretty.

    I'd get the MM because the PM seemed a bit small when I saw it in person.
  9. I have the global shopper which is canvas and with that type of canvas bag it will get dirty, not sure if I would buy it again

  10. That is the same one I own. Khakis MM.

    This was my throw around bag last year. I took it to the race track with me and the whole nine yards. It has held up fantastically. I did find a black smudge on the bottom corner but since I haven't tried to clean it I can't say whether or not it is a stain. The only thing that bothered me about this bag was the stiffness of it. After a few uses however it has become soft and comfortable under my arm. Keep in mind if you go with the PM it is very small and will not fit over your shoulder. My khakis MM has drawn several comments from people and many were suprised to find out it is LV. I say go for it! :tup:
  11. I have the Ecru PM and the handles and bottom corners get dirty fairly easily. I really love the bag despite this, I hope that helps.
  12. I can imagine Ecru being very hard to maintain. Khakis is a great neutral shade that won't show as much usage.
  13. hmm... I think Karman has one... maybe you can ask her about it
  14. I have the khaki PM and it was a good size for to use as an everyday work bag. You need to be careful with the miroir, but other than that, it holds up well. The canvas is treated to resist but not be impervious to stains. Dirt could probably be removed with a little bit of Oxyclean on a cotton ball. I haven't gotten mine dirty -- which wasn't easy.

    You may want to hold out for the Matisse though. The purple one is adorable!