Ok seriously i need help deciding NICOLE OR CHARLIE!

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  1. Ok so the SS starts tomorrow and in case they do have the new line i realllllyyy need help deciding which one

    either way i am getting black so which one ladies NICOLE OR CHARLIE??!?!?!?

    I am in love with nicole but ive heard it isnt as nice in person, charlie i like that it has the longer strap option BUT ive been in love with nicole since day one!

    HELP! !!!!! :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. When I got my Elisha I was between her and Nicole. the point that I am trying to make is that I really like the Nicole...but Charlie looks sooooo much nicer IMO. But I don't know since Lexie said all those things about the leather on her Charlie and I think she actually got rid of it, not sure. So, my vote would still be for Charlie, especially because you are young and I think the Nicole looks a bit serious.

    good luck and for the record I AM JEALOUS you get to go to SS. :p
  3. Do you think they will come out with the Charlie in any more colors?
  4. ugh never mind :sad: looks like ther person who was going to pick it up for me cant :sad: bummer!
  5. Oh that sucks! You can always call in sick and go hee, hee :devil:
  6. I wouldn't do the Charlie Bess. It will look like a mess in no time. Even it being black the leather is going to scuff up I bet very easily. I just sold mine today for 295. I lost 140.00 on it and I only used it a week.

    I do agree the Charlie is the better looking bag. Not in pics but IRL. The Nicole is more business like and conservative. That's just my opinion.
  7. see thats hard, i guess it kinda seems like maybe neither is worth getting,,,, or as least rushing to get

    i guess if i have time to go sometime this week i will but i dont think im going to stress over it

    as much as im in love with them its not worth it if they arent usable, and if the nicole is very businessy then it wont really suite me ;(

    alas maybe when they go on sale all over the web in 6 mo-a year then ill have seen them in person and can decide,,,

    blah dont know what to do! :smile: have to stop stressing over it and just get it if i make it there and its there and not be sad if it isnt!
  8. I voted for Charlie because I prefer the style and the look of the leather over the Nicole... it has a more casual feel.

    Now I have to wonder though. I realized there were some issues with this leather, but I could have never imagine a black bag getting scuffed as easily as the lighter colors. Lexie, is the black Charlie really doomed? Even with spray and moisturizer?

    Disappointing. Anyone here with a black Charlie?
  9. I think the black one has a fighting chance. But even with Wilson's on it, my Charlie had multiple marks in just 4 days use (and I babied it). But alot of mine was spotting and staining too so that shouldn't show on the black. I've just never ever with all of my bags had anything like this happen so I am hesitant to say any of these colors on the Charlie will survive real use.
  10. ^I guess we'll need to wait for a brave soul to come along and try out the Charlie. I would... but I am BANNED!
  11. Well I know the SS does not have the new Spring 2007 line, but I was going to vote for the Nicole. I really want that for myself as well. Although I've never seen IRL, but the first time I saw it in Rose on Elux, I totally fell in love w/ it. I like the Charlie too, but it doesn't look like the straps can fit on the shoulders. Lexie, did you ever try putting it on your shoulders? I like my bags to have the option of putting it on the shoulders.
  12. Geez, that's a tough one. I think the Charlie and Nicole are very similar.

    I just got a Nicole a few days ago and I love it. I can't make a comparison to a Charlie because I haven't seen one IRL, but based on my limited experience I say...

  13. ok well i bought the paige today haha :smile: i decided i really liked its look and they didnt have the new stuff @ the SS and thats really the only way i was going to get one of these bags was if it was on sale, im too scared to pay almost retail for leather so delicate

    so my paige and her sturdy self will be perfect! :smile:

    thanks for the opinions tho guys !
  14. You are right Bessie. You won't have any problems with the Paige leather and you can use your bag and not worry that you are going to harm it. Good choice...if you like Taurantulas hanging off your shoulder :wtf: :p
  15. haha o NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not a tarantula,,, haah well kinda

    grr now i have a saggy titty bag and a tarantula :smile: hehe