ok - seafoam has arrived!

  1. Hi all

    My seafoam arrived today - its VERY soft and slouchy ... and the handles arent as badly darkened as i first thought which is great. The tassels, however, are on deaths door ... does anyone know what i can do about this? I know seafoam isnt a colour thats easily found but maybe there are tassels from another bag that would work?

    Its pretty dirty on the inside too - i need to air it out - i'm amazed some people treat their bags that way, but what can you do? Its a great bag and i'm happy.


    PS- Piccys tomorrow, i promise! :tup:
  2. Congratulations! Glad you're happy.........

    Will be waiting for pics.........
  3. for your tattered tassels, i've heard people using fabric glue to put them back together. go to a fabric store, one where hopefully people know what they're talking about and ask - or even an upholstery place i bet!! good luck, i have the same problem with my true red's tassels - they look beyond repair!! yikes! i think it's those older bags - the tassels were thinner but the bags were - and are - beyond beautiful!:smile:
  4. Congrats on your seafoam. I can't wait to see the pics. :girlsigh:

    You might want to call Balenciaga and see if they have any seafoam tassels.
  5. Congrats on your new bag. There's another thread floating around here that was started by a TPFer who bought a heavily pre-loved bbag. The before and after pictures truly are incredible. I'll see if I can find it.
  6. I'll also chime in and say, if the tassels bother you and you don't need to have them on anyway, consider taking them off and adding zipper pulls instead.
  7. wating for th pics.. I've tried Glue on my tassels but after a while it splits again. Now i knot them tog..
  8. Cant wait for the pics :yes:
  9. mjlover1977 don't give up hope..read 'these Bbags are tougher than we think' thread ..they truly can be rehabbed and loved more and better..take photos to document your care of her and share..congrats on saving such a beautiful color.
  10. congrats on your seafoam! can't wait for the pictures. if the tassels has splitted than you can glue them back with leather glue found at the craft store. if the tassels are beyond repair than i would replace them with cute charms.
  11. Thanks for the link! That is inspiring! Maybe I should take a second look at some of the bags that I think are beyond repair.:yes:

    Congrats on your new bag - the seafoam is a beautiful color!
  12. congrats on your new bag.. can't wait to see pictures!!
  13. congrats!
  14. Gals - thank you all so much!
    Guess what? the bag isnt a first! Its a CITY!!!
    When i got it home last night i was like 'this is BIG' ... then i proceeded to fill it with everything that was in Black Twiggy. I checked the photos in the 'colours' bit of this forum and yep, its a city.

    I spent all last night cleaning the inside - seriously, it was gross. It smells musty. The previous owner had spilled something inside so i just damp sponged it off. It is in good shape - but the leather seems more thin than my twiggy? Maybe thats just a thing that happens with age?

    Oh, i trimmed the tassels - the ends were raggedy and yuck and now that they are trimmed (still long) they look so much better.

    I took photos last night but alas, the camera is at home!