ok... sac plat vs. neverfull GM.

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  1. ok... here is my issue...

    I really had my heart set buying a brand new Neverfull GM in June...

    HOWEVER!- With money issues I would have to do some HARDCORE saving to make that happen.

    I also LOVE the Sac Plat... and I could EASILY afford to buy one from an internet reseller.

    Now... I also have issues with both the bags...

    Neverfull GM - thin straps... I am a big guy, and I like the rolled handles like the Speedy and Sac Plat have...

    Sac Plat- 14.5 by 15 might be too small on a 6'7" guy...

  2. I like the Sac Plat more.
  3. I also prefer the sac plat but it depends on what you plan to use it for.
    sac plat - work/more sophisticated and structured
    neverfull - casual but carries everything (for gym or travel etc.)

    I don't think it will look too small and if you're planning to buy the Neverfull from the store it will always be there anyway, but getting the sac plat offer is only now. Let us know what you decide on! ;)
  4. I'd go for the Sac Plat. IMO, it's definitely more masculine of the two. I say go for it! :yes:
  5. Yeah I would use it as an everyday bag
  6. Sac Plat, classy, elegant and structured :tup:. As LVKeepallfan said, it's more masculine out of the two.

    OMG! I totally forgot! wow... I am a space head! OK! Never mind! Thank you for remembering what I posted a month a ago! lol

  8. LMAO :rolleyes: