Ok...Rock Band is the bestest game EVAR!!

  1. If you think Guitar Hero rocks...Rock Band kicks it in the head with some moshpit gnarled Doc Martins then stabs it in the heart with a Dimebag Tribute Guitar!
    The Special Edition comes with a drum pad (complete with bass pedal), guitar, and mic. We've been playing for the past couple of hours and it's so much fun. We've created our band and are already on tour. I'm on drums, Tristan's lead guitar, and Kara's vocals. If you want a game that's fun and involved the whole family/your friends...go get it!


  2. Yes its fun! I have played the drums a couple times (very badly though).
  3. haha yes! i bought this a week after it came out. lots of fun. unfortunately i ran into the defective guitar problem.
  4. We got it too.....Haven't had a chance to set it up yet.
    We can't wait to play!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:

    Good to hear we're in for some fun!:tup:
  5. Sounds like fun! My kids just got guitar Hero for Chanukah and are OBSSESSED w/ it! Have to check this out for the next gift buying session.
  6. My son must have this. He already had one guitar for xbox and came home a couple weeks ago with another one along with drums. I also got him guitar hero 3 for xmas. I told him I want to learn! It sounds like fun. Is it hard?
  7. i want to get it! i haven't come across one in stores for awhile though. :sad:

    guitar hero isn't too difficult to learn. there's some learning curve to it but it's not hard to pick up. just give it a go. it's a lot of fun.
  8. Well, there are levels. Obvs, as the level increases, you have multi finger/pad combos that come faster, so it can get hard. Also, you can get the game by itself if you already have a guitar/mic/drum pad.
    I'm not sure abt Guitar Hero, but on this you can also custom design your player...tattoos and all. It's cool.
  9. I would love to get Rock band, but it's sold out everywhere here for Xbox 360! It looks awesome!
  10. My parents got it for me...I mean, Tristan ;) We get over there last night, finally, to pick it up and I look on the box "Playstation 3". WTF??? Uh...mom, I said Xbox 360. "well, you said Rock Band right?". Yeah, but you need to get the one that works with the console we have...which is why I told you to make sure it was for Xbox 360. "Oh...well, I didn't think it mattered". Anyway! I called where she got it, and of course, they were sold out. I ended up calling a few GameStops, EB Games, Targets, and Wal Marts and found one after 30 minutes or so. Try those or Best Buy, Circuit City, Toys r Us, or K Mart. Someone's bound to have one!
  11. i think i need to go buy this.....
  12. I bought this for SO on our anniversary last month. Him and his friends LOVE it!

    I agree...so much better than Guitar Hero!
  13. oh! just wanted to point one thing out so hopefully none of you will be upset like i was about rock band. right now, only the xbox 360 guitar hero controller works with rock band. if you have the ps3 version, it won't work. i was upset to hear about this as my BF and i want to play both guitar and bass in rock band.

    also, the rock band guitar won't work in guitar hero 3 for both platforms. :sad:
  14. We (my BF and I) got rock band the day it came out (xbox360). Absolutely LOVE it but have a few things to comment on :

    - I hate hate hate the strat.. We both use the xplorer from GHII which works great. The only bad thing is that the "solos" with the strat you don't need to strum. You can still do them and get points with the xplorer but you have to strum ,making it a bit slower to earn extra points.
    - I dislike how you get limited # of songs in "quickplay" mode. (like if you just have friends over and want to play some songs -- you don't get very many, you have to create a band and go through career mode.) If you go to career mode you basically play the same songs over and over again (for instance, in a particular city on the tour, you get 3 to 4 songs to play. Then you get these "mystery sets" and other types of sets which include other songs. You play them and continue on. You get to the next city, and many of the same songs repeat. Is anyone else annoyed by this? I love the way it was in Guitar Hero 2 and 3; you just go through a city .. no repeat songs.
    I wish there was a "quickplay" option that included all the songs; heck if I unlock them in solo or band mode they should still be avail in quickplay imho.

    Things I like in RB that are better than GH 2 / 3:
    - I like that the hammer on/pull off notes are clearly indicated (they're a bit smaller in size)
    - I like that you can continue to earn "energy" (star power) even while you're in that mode. GH 2 and 3 you missed out on star power if the notes came up while you were in star power
    - I like the fact that "hard" level isn't insane. I found it was super difficult in GH 2 and 3 to play in "hard" mode. SO much so that I gave up after a while. With RB, I'm halfway through my solo career in "hard". Heck, i may even try expert!! Also.. going through "hard" on RB is helping me to get farther on hard in GH3. Bonus!
    - I like the abilities to customize characters. GH 2 and 3 are very limited.

    Ok that's it :smile:
  15. Thank you for the help! I appreciate it! I'd really like to find it, hopefully I can after the holiday rush.