Ok, Rebecca Minkoff bag owners, WHO is VINCENT!?

  1. I got my first RM bag from Luna Boston and I slipped my hand in the inner pocket and saw this card that had a guys number scrawled on it and it says "call me, Vincent". The other side showed the guy with some cheesy seduction thing going on. At the time I wanted to call Luna Boston and let them know that one of their employees might have lost this dudes number but I *forgot*.

    So, much later, I purchase an RM Morning After in Dark Gray and the same card with the same dude, and the same number are in the bag! :wtf:

    Then I realized, that all RM bags must come with this card and I just about laughed my butt off. ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHEESY!

    Call me (Deep husky voice), Vincent.

    CIMG4353.JPG CIMG4355.JPG
  2. that is too funny! I too remember seeing that card when I got my mini MA, and I totally freaked out! I was like, what nasty person had this bag before me??? hahaha...then laughed outloud so hard that my DH thought I was crazy! oh the memories...
  3. So did you try calling the number?? :graucho:
  4. Hahaha, I think it's a cute gimmick, considering the bag is called the Morning After :graucho:
  5. There was an article about Rebecca Minkoff. She stated that she has the cards put in the purses; so that people will wonder if they met this guy..."Vincent" the night before.......since it is the "Morning After". LOL
  6. That is so cute.

    I am actually in marketing and that is a fantastic idea to sell bags. Too bad I am not in the fashion industry!
  7. My bag just arrived yesterday at my parents house. I can't wait to find my surprise Vincent card. Really funny and creative marketing tool though.
  8. That is so funny! Makes me want to buy one of her bags just to get one of those amusing cards, so I would call that a successful gimmick!
  9. OMG, I just read this post and was dying of laughter. I ran over to my MA (bag of the day) to see if the card was in the inner pocket. Sure enough, I too have met Vincent. LOL.
  10. I think this is a really smart marketing move -- a witty and clever way to make the "Morning After" bag memorable. Hey, we're talking about it, so this ploy works!
  11. Here is an explanation from Rebecca Minkoff herself, taken from a BussBuss interview:

    "BussBuss: Want to share any little-known secrets about yourself or your collection that not many people know?

    Rebecca Minkoff: There is a little card in each bag that has a cute boy's picture on it and his number to call. I find cute pics and have them printed on cards and people actually do call! When customers call they hear a guy's voice and he is French. Some people call and think they met the guy the night before. It's kind of funny to hear some of the messages!"
  12. i keep my vincent card in my wallet...once my roommate was getting a dollar out of my wallet and saw the card and said "where did you meet that guy and not tell me about him?!?"

    i think it's a fun and clever idea!! :smile:
  13. Wow that is too funny! What a great little marketing idea!
  14. Vincent really gets around!!!!!! i've got his card too!!!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  15. Lol, what a clever little bonus! That's cute!