OK, ready? Brain teaser of the week!

  1. Ack, these are driving me crazy! DS gets these for math class...and this one has been haunting me in my sleep. :sleepy: Help!

    What could this mean?

    2 = N in P :confused1:
  2. Are you sure it's 2=N in P? 2=N ln P makes some sense where ln is the natural logarithm.

    What kind of math is it?
  3. 2 numbers in a pair?
  4. It's not really math I dont' think. It's for fun and extra credit, the teacher gives them 5 problems for a total of 5 extra credit points. 4 of them are math, 1 of them is most always this type of question. Some previous ones have been:

    12= N on C 12 = Numbers on Clock
    366= D in LY 366= Days in Leap Year and so on... :s
  5. Hmmm....sounds good to me! This has been waking me up early in the morning...and once I start thinking about what it could be, I can't go back to sleep. Thank God he turns it in on Friday's. :nuts:

    Thank you for your help. :yes:
  6. chinadoll I would say that would be a good guess 2 in a pair. sounds good to me!
  7. Yay. I hope that's right. With these things, sometimes, it just takes a fresh set of eyes.
  8. My niece had a math worksheet like this last year when she was in 7th grade. She took a very advanced math class, about 3 years ahead, and when she came to me for help on this worksheet I was surprised they got such non-math related homework KWIM? We spent almost 2 hours on the worksheet. In the end? I didn't learn much, except:

    Google is our FRIEND.
  9. yeah I too went to the university of GOOGLE. nothing came up!
  10. You are funny :roflmfao::tup: So true!
  11. 2 = N in P

    How bout.....2 Nuts in a Peanut

    Like...well, you know what I mean.

    There's always two nuts in a Peanut shell. Unless it's deformed...but that's another story.
  12. Haha I love this, so creative!! :tup:
  13. Technically, no :smile: Peanuts are legumes and not nuts.
  14. Why thank you :p
    I am guilty of checking google for practically EVERYTHING. :rolleyes::shame:
  15. Drat! I thought I had gotten it!