ok q: according to ebay sellers cant give out NEg ratings to buyers?

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  1. is that so?

    does this also apply to power sellers?
  2. As a seller you can not give a buyer a negative under any circustances. YOu can be a platinum top seller powerseller and still not allowed to give any buyer a neg.
  3. why is that? if a buy tried to scam you or do something wrong thats it?

    so in you can have a buyer who is not a non paying buyer but who say goes around and buys stuff from lsellers outside of ebay and leaves neg feedback for seller who wont. but the buyer will still have a 100% feedback score even though they are scammers of sorts?
  4. Because sellers were leaving retaliatory negative feedback to buyers that left them a negative, which made buyer's hesitate to give negatives even when well deserved. Ebay initiated this new rule so that buyer's could leave true and honest feedback to a seller without fear of retaliation.

  5. Main reason I decrease the number of items I am selling on eBay and moved them to my own website and other venue.

  6. :yes:

    Of course, it's very unfair on honest sellers who encounter dishonest buyers; but that's the reason eBay felt they had to do it.
  7. Exactly right.
  8. I agree that it can be unfair to sellers as well, however I still think it's for the best. When I'm contemplating a purchase now I feel better about the feedback of the seller being a true reflection of their history. Before, the feedback system was just useless - you neg me I neg you in return and everyone afraid to leave a neg, it was pointless.


  9. Yes, I know - I was the victim of a retaliatory neg, so I know how frustrating it can be. :yes:

    The seller didn't send the item and hadn't replied to any of my emails - so it wasn't as though I'd left my neg, for her, for no good reason, or anything! :nogood:

    I still don't tend to leave negs, if I can possibly help it (even though I know I ought to!), but if I ever felt I really had to, again, at least I'd know that that couldn't happen again. :smile:
  10. You can't leave them a negative mark that will affect their % rating, but you can be honest in what you write (if they were nightmare buyers/scammers, etc.) in that "positive" rating~~!!! And powersellers are the same as reg. sellers, in that they cannot leave you a neg. mark. There is not even a field for negative. Just the pos., with room for truthful, hopefully, comment.
  11. ^ Actually, if the comment contradicts the positive rating, the comment can be removed by eBay if the seller reports it. What's more, the positive will stick, so it will just add to their positive totals.
  12. Correct-that buyer enjoyed the extra positive rating.
  13. Doing violates Ebay policy and the buyer can have it removed and report you.