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  1. Ok so here is the deal I finaly found the Mc in black and I love it but my DhB is giving me a choice keep the Mc or jumbo Red with new chain .....what do you guys think I want them both :sad:
  2. OOF...Thats a tough one.....I dunno.
  3. Yeah I know I'm so sad :sad:
  4. I'm a bigger fan of the MC tote.
  5. I love flaps, so I'd say keep the red Jumbo. But think which bag you'd use more often......the MC is nice....hard choice.
  6. What's a DhB? If you paid for both bags yourself no one should be asking you to choose between them.
  7. Red Jumbo w/ New chain
  8. Hi thats the thing they r so different and you know they r both hard to come by But thats not why I LOVE them ..Thanks xxS
  9. Hmm... yeah, I'm confused, do you mean DH to be? :confused1: If you are being forced to choose, I suppose I would pick the bag I'd get the most use out of if I were you. If you already have totes, then maybe go for the flap (I have it and it's gorgeous), and similarly, if you have a lot of flaps or shoulder bags, maybe go with the MC! Also, I'm assuming you found the MC tote at the "old" price... it's going to be released again, I think in a glazed calfskin, but at a higher price. :nogood: Really hard decision, I would keep both haha. :p
  10. Yeah I ment my amazing husband that never says no (lol)xx
  11. well actually it's my b day and I am a little out of control but thanks for the girl power !! :smile:-Roey
  12. Which do you love more... a tote or a flap? Casual or a bit more dressy?
  13. Jayne- I am looking at both and all I can say is WHY !!!girls should get free bags .!!!!!
  14. :lol:... true... but, which one can you not live without? A dressy flap or a causal tote?
  15. jayne - I am looking at both I really dont know I can see myself with both thats the prob The tote I can't get again and the red jumbo well the same but truth be told its not about having something because u cant get it I really love both but .....Here I am with ..............................What should I do I know only I can answer this question hide one and pretend i returned it (lol)
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