Ok, please explain to me what a Classic tote is EXACTLY...

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  1. I did a search in the reference section and the GST and PST popped up. There is a thread w/a picture of a gorgeous red Classic Tote that has already sold. (waves to Chrissie :yes: ). But here is the problem: I have 4 different prices from 8 different stores, 2 different prices and 1 size (except for 1 when it measured 10 x 8 x 5) 14x10x6. I've been told it ONLY comes in beige and black ( but then there is the pic of the red) and only in gold hardware (well, silver is available at 4 places). So, I have no idea what is what. Oh and the price ranges from $1750 to $2990. So, does anyone know the facts about this specific bag? TIA
  2. the Timeless Classic Tote looks a lot like the GST, but w/o the leather strap pads and zips closed I believe.
    There may very well be 2 sizes like all there other totes, a petit and a Grand Shopping.
  3. I really want to know too. An SA has a red tote that she says zips at the top and is caviar leather.

    She says that is is a timeless classic zipped tote. I cannot picture it. Does anyone have a pic?:shrugs:
  4. Yes, that describes what I was describing:yes:
    There is definitely a pic in the Reference Forum.
  5. This is the Timeless Classic (Photo of J'adore Chanel's gorgeous new tote!).

  6. ^^I've seen that style tote but with the leather cc's and leather and chain straps, maybe that's the one she's talking about, at a glance it could look like a PST but it has the zip closure......
  7. Does anyone have the size(s) of this bag?
  8. wow i love that bag!! so thats a timeless classic tote? gorgeous
  9. Thank you all for responding; I do appreciate it. I wanted to give an update in case there were others still wondering. The pic of the red caviar purse IS the Timeless Classic Zipped tote; but it's the medium one. They make a larger one at $2990; this is the one I purchased during Aprils GCE at Saks.

    I have a bunch of pics to post, I just need to figure out how. But that fact that very few SA's knew what this tote was made it frustrating to make the purchase. I would have LOVED it in red, but bought it in beige to use during the summer.
  10. I don't have a GST to compare with, but the new red classic tote (with new chain) also comes with 2 side pockets and a standard pocket on the back. While NM carries only the red caviar totes, you may find other department stores carry red lambskin totes (in new chain), which are priced $100 more than the caviar's.
  11. These are from an eBay auction for the Classic Tote with the standard chain in the Petite:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. This is the PST
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (from another eBay auction)

    This is the GST
  13. It seems like the big difference is that on the Timeless, the center compartment with the zip is the whole of the bag with the flat pockets on each side.
    On the GST there are w larger pockets which are on either side of a flat zipped center?
  14. The Timeless has what you stated ^ but is also larger than the GST and has longer shoulder straps. I find it FAR more comfortable to wear than the GST. For whatever reason (price perhaps), the Timeless is not easy to find. Oh, and it DOES have feet on the bottom, unlike the GST (which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of). I've placed mine side by side and the difference is obvious (size wise).
  15. I think that the Timeless totes came in more than one size, like the PST and GST.
    The one I posted is the Petite size.
    I've never seen a larger size.