Ok people, let's everyone snap out of it and ADMIT that the Miroir is the ugliest r/o

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  1. tackiest, most 2 dollar ho bag looking crap LV has ever put out.

    It makes me so angry to think LV's designers are sitting in their plushy offices scheming ways to create VINYL bags and sell them for thousands of dollars and we women are stupid enough to fall into it just so we can be the one with the "new bag."

    It's VINYL. Come on, no matter how classy you may think you are, you're going to look like a hooker walking down 5th ave with that tackylicious huge gold pap on your arm.

    Admit it.

    That said, I don't dislike LV alltogether. I think they're suhali and epi pieces are quite nice..but vinyl? No thanks.

    Just my say... :Push:
  2. He he, I admire your courage. I guess you'll be one of the very few to think that. Maybe it's because you don't belong to the lemming category like many other pfers.
  3. I can´t admit it since I love this line. I don´t have a habit of censoring myself so I would have said it long ago if I hated the Miroir.
  4. Pics of bags on let-trade look nice!!
  5. Lemming category:confused1: I think everyone here speak their mind.
  6. I'll admit it's not my favorite. Then again, It's not geared towards me as I'm a teenage guy! :P
  7. I HATE THE BAG! U-G-L-Y!!!!!!



    Sorry people!
  8. I like it but would not look good wearing it. PFers are not lemmings, plenty of people have said all along that this isn't a great line!
  9. Lemming as in talking each other into a frenzy to get something, and maybe not even really liking it, but wanting it, because someone else has it. Believe me, I've seen such behaviour.
  10. Miroir bags are not my style. Reminds me of aluminum foil. Perhaps they are nicer in person??
  11. I really like this line - but we're all entitled to our opinions:yes:
  12. ITA

    When I first saw the bag in the look book, I so thought not for me...but it has really grown on me.

    I like it!

  13. I know what lemming means, I just haven´t seen it here.
  14. I think its hot!!! but I cant afford a 2K bag.....
  15. Some of us love it, some don't. That's how things always are!
    Different strokes for different folks! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.