Ok, parttime bag is way big for me :(

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  1. I tried to fill my French Blue GH parttime bag with all of my stuff today and I have ton of room left. I have no idea what else to pack to make the bag looks filled. I am afraid that part time is too big for people like me who carry only necessities and not whole kitchen sink in their bags. Do you guys think that city would be a better size for me? I totally hate that there is no Bbags anywhere in stock, the only one I saw locally is a black day GH style. So frustrating...
  2. Aw that stinks!! I've never tried the part time size, but I'm like you and carry mostly basics... I think the City size is great. You can carry basics, plus a magazine or water bottle too. It's quite roomy IMO. Definitely give it a try if you can get your hands on one! I had to wait too because I can't buy them anywhere around me. I bought mine sight unseen but am really glad I did :tender:
  3. Sorry that you BBag experience is not going well yet.

    I carry the basics plus, ipod, book and bottle of water and I still have room in my city. I would say the part-time is probably too big.

    Have you called BalNY?
  4. Can you show us a pic with you wearing it? Bbags tend to look better when they are not full so they slouch.
  5. I ordered mine through NM, so I haven't dealt directly with BalNY, but maybe I should...

    I still want that French blue GH combo but it's just that the parttime size isn't working out for me. I would so get it in a purse style but GH isn't available and the regular hardware is too small for my taste. I think it only looks good in Classique style because the bag itself is so small.
  6. guccidiva - while calling around today somebody had the french blue city/gh... think it was Shirise in Chicago? 847.835.2595 :yes:
  7. I don't have the pic yet. I really don't like the slouch so much but I hope that I don't make a stupid decision and get rid of the parttime and what if I hate the city? The thing is, I don't know if the city style has gold feet... parttime does.
  8. chicago Neiman? oooh, thanks!
  9. hmm... not sure.. other PFers may be able to tell ya since I don't actually own a bbag with GH yet! But I think the GH bags have feet on them? Although it may be the work that I'm thinking about...
  10. Not at Niemans, there is another store named Shirise (phone # I gave is correct) - the SA staff is very helpful. Good luck!
  11. City w/gh doesn't have feet - only the work and part-time have feet. Good luck! :yes:
  12. Oh, I am sure that work must have feet, it's so huge judging by the pics here. Parttime is half-size of work heightwise, but it's wide (about 6"d) so it has feet. I think that city is only 3.5"depth so I don't know if it has feet. I really like those gold feet LOL!
  13. Does city have stuff bulging out on the bottom when filled? Parttime seems to hold the shape but since it's so long, it looks weird when I use the strap:sad: it sort of bends in the middle... I guess for the money, I want to be completely happy with the bag, I am not planning on acquiring more than one BBag.
  14. Nope, no feet on the City.
  15. Can you ask your NM to have some sent to their store for you to view?

    I have the Black and Vermillion (both in the city style) in the GH and they really are very beautiful.

    The city really has the same effect of the part-time regarding the GH.