OK one more purple outlet bag...

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  1. I really am done now. Really. lol These only tempted me because of the coupon. No modeling pic tonight - already in my fuzzy robe on this wet NJ night.

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  2. Love them all they look great together.
  3. Congrats on the great purchases! I had that bag on hold yesterday but then fell in love with the Saffron Audrey and decided to leave this one since I already have two purple bags. I have to tell you that I had to use every ounce of will power to leave it behind.

    Enjoy all your new beauties Donnalynn!
  4. OMG! What's with everyone buying purple lately?!?! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that everyone's buying purple. Congrats. You got some lovely buys :smile:
  5. Girl that is the other bag that I had in my hands the same time as my Audrey!!! SO BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on getting her!
  6. I saw this Alexandra bag at my outlet this weekend. I have been thinking about her ever since!! They had a ton of them, wondering if she'd still be there if I went back??? :graucho:
  7. Hey we're demi clutch cousins! I have it in black. Nice finds! I wish they had the Alexadra in purple at my outlet! Enjoy!
  8. Very nice choices. Been thinking about that alexandra. After discount and coupon what was the total? And now you have me thinking about wristlets and wallets.
  9. Nice! Love everything! That poppy is so cute! I love the colors on it with the gold!
  10. Very nice! Love the poppy wallet so cute and nice pop of color!
  11. Great find! I need an Alexandra! Love your poppy accessories too!
  12. Great finds! Love the color of the bag! Which outlet in NJ did you go to?
  13. I love all of your finds from the past few days. The Purple Croc Embossed Audrey and Lilac Patent Croc Alexandra are TDF. Your accessories are really cute too. Congrats and enjoy!
  14. so awesome, good for you

    i love coupons

    congrats on your new stuffs
    happy dance time
  15. So gorgeous:love: ... purple is definitely the color of the season! Congrats and enjoy your new goodies!