Ok ok, this is my LAST Rebecca Minkoff poll- I found a PURPLE MATINEE!

  1. ARGHH! I know now that I prefer the Wine Red Matinee over the Eggplant Matinee and thought everything was cool until I saw a deep, dark purple matinee with red flaps. GASP!

    So here is my new poll, which do you think is better? The Wine/Red Matinee or the Purple with Red Matinee?

    Then, I promise to thy self..NO MORE BAGS!

    Any thoughts, opinions are muchO appreciated!
    18018-BrowseSize-front.jpg rmink2000719894_prod_zoom_front.jpg
  2. Ok, I messed up! There is no poll attached because I excitedly pressed the submit button. Please tell me which one you like the most!

    Thank you!
  3. hmm...both are gorgeous, but I prefer the red one :smile:
  4. Wine ;)
  5. Oooohhh, that's a toughy. I like the wine, but the leather on the purple looks nice and smooshy. So, I don't know????
  6. ITA. The purple does look so smooshy and lovely - and you can always turn the flaps down to go all purple. :tup:
  7. Hmm...I like the purple color more, but the purple+red combo doesn't do it for me. So...wine by default.
  8. I choose the wine one.
  9. purple but only ig u can turn the flap down to makr it all purple
    i don't like the combo with the red
  10. They're both gorgeous but I personally don't care for the flaps when they're turned up. I'd have to say Wine!:yes:
  11. Well, I'll beg to be different- I really, really like the purple with the red flaps. It is just so unique and unlike anything out there. Additionally, the bright flaps really show off the character, shape, and design of the matinee (isn't the whole point of matinee that you can turn up the flaps when you want something a little "wild?")
  12. I saw the purple on Shopbop...I think I like the red much better!
  13. I thought I would like the wine better. When I clicked on the thumbnail of the purple I went WOW!! Get the purple.
  14. purple! love it!
  15. red