Ok Ok ... The reason I'm kicked out of the CCLO :)

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  1. here's a little teaser for you all ;)


    any guesses :biggrin:

    I really don't think I will keep them though ... I think the fit is all wrong for my feet ... but that means ... I can only exchange ... so we better start brainstorming! :smile:
  2. I guessed right! :P
  3. I just didn't pay close enough attention to your wishlist!

    It took me forever to realized you didn't have Chanel Pearls on your list anymore.

  4. Is that the Hyper Prive? :nuts:

    Wait, are we guessing why you're got kicked out or what got you kicked out?
  5. OMG, are they purple lizard??????

  6. :yes:
  7. Gasp!:faint::faint:

    pretty please?:cutesy:
  10. So what is wrong with them?
  11. Yay! :wlae: Pics!
  12. liz...as in lizard!
    you' were a naughty, naughty girl ..picturess please.
    btw I can't even imagine lizard looking like pooo
  13. I don't like the way I fit I don't think. I think it's wierd that when I look at my feet straight onI can't see the sides of the shoe ... only my feet? Like it looks like they are too wide for them or something. I've put them on like 5 times today and I just don't get that "excitement" that I get when I put on my other pairs :crybaby: It makes me sad.

    Ok here are the only ones that turned out ... semi-ok. You can kind of see what i'm talking about with the wideness in these pics and I don't even have wide feet! :sad:


    does my left toe area look too wide?



    sorry these pictures really are not that good :shrugs:
  14. :drool:

    I think they are absolutely TDF and look like they fit you great, but that's a whole lot of money to spend on something that doesn't make your heart flutter...

    off topic, but they say in China that if you have a longer second toe, it means you'll have good fortune!
  15. I think they look gorgeous on you! :drool: