Ok, Ok, OK...today is price increase day...so, let's talk

  1. We know all the prices won't change in one day, but it's happening NOW. What I would love to know is how does this larger price hike make you feel?

    Will it phase you when making decisions in buying a handbag?
    Will you purchase as many bags?
    Will you still be picking up all the accessories that you covet?
    Will you be making those spontaneous purchases?
    Do you even feel that the price increase matters to you?
    How do you think this increase will affect other buyers?
    Will anything change?

    I think you get where I am going here...let's chat.
  2. hey KB,

    I mean...the prices just keep getting SO high. I am totally sold and addicted on Hermes but I am tightening up my purchases.

    Also, I do want a black box kelly one day and a croc kelly...since the prices are getting so high I am now considered vintage or nicely owned, etc.

    The leather goods are just so high as well. I makes me want to turn to eBay etc to see what I can find first.

    also since the scarves keep creeping up...to basically a price of a shoe or something...I am not going to be as impulsive with scarves.

    I will really really want it or really just wait for it to come up for sale.

    I will still be buying Hermes but I just shake my head at thinking how much a 35cm birkin after tax is.
  3. The 35 just makes me say OUCH! I just think about how much the prices have gone up since the forum started.

    I have heard many members say they are tightening up on purchases. I just wondered how people really feel and that they may like to share.
  4. Thanks to Kallie Girl alerting me of the price increase, I made a large purchase (for me, that is - three scarves and an enamel) before the increase. It will be some time before I get my first bag, so I don't think the price increase will impact me then as much as it would at this moment.
  5. for the scarves, I had a few more i wanted but I am narrowing that down to 2.
  6. guccigal, it sounds like you may be a bit more selective now and truly buy what touches your heart/makes it sing.
  7. Will it phase you when making decisions in buying a handbag?
    Well, I wish my orders were grandfathered in, but as it is, I will have to take the hit as I do want those, but I do think that I will have to edit/think carefully about future purchases.

    Will you purchase as many bags?

    I'm nearing the tail-end so probably not. I'm also learning to be more selective as to what I want.

    Will you still be picking up all the accessories that you covet?

    I will think more carefully about what I will actually use in my daily life, but yes, as I think the smaller accessories are more negligible in terms of the price increase relative to that of bags. I can't seem to resist bracelets, scarves, and small leather goods, although I seem to be calming down in the scarf department.

    Will you be making those spontaneous purchases?
    I'd love to say no, but with H--most likely it will be yes.

    Do you even feel that the price increase matters to you?

    I'm not happy about it, but you know, with the cost of other designer bags going up as well and the quality questionable on some of those, I still feel H is well worth the money.

    How do you think this increase will affect other buyers?

    It depends--many who walk into Hermes probably won't even know there was a price increase; the old timers definitely try and buy beforehand, but it's a normal part of their business so I think it's expected. The timing is just unfortunate as many are impacted by the current economy so I don't think it's necessarily a factor of the increase should sales decline but just part of the normal economic cycle. Those that can still afford to buy luxury goods will continue to buy, and those that can't will probably tighten up in that area.
  8. Totally agree Orchids!

    I find it is really interesting to hear what people think from all over the world and different walks of life.
  9. To start, OUCH!! :push: But I said that when scarves when from $290+ to $300 to $325...and I still buy...:yes:

    Will it phase you when making decisions in buying a handbag? I have never bought a bag and just ordered my first PO. So, while I know the prices have increased, I won't have a memory of "I remember when I paid..." Thankfully! Makes it less painful I suppose.

    Will you purchase as many bags? Only 1...maybe 2. But one will be a lower cost bag.

    Will you still be picking up all the accessories that you covet? I have been through many price increases for scarves...and it's never fun, but I still buy. Just not as many. As well, since I really only by KO scarves, the price increase won't hurt this year as there aren't any new KOs to buy (that damage was done in '07!!:graucho:).

    Will you be making those spontaneous purchases? Probably!! I just can't help it! I see it, I like it, I buy it...:drool:

    Do you even feel that the price increase matters to you? Sure, esp. with the economy getting worse and gas prices still high...but you have to adjust.

    How do you think this increase will affect other buyers? It depends on their income, etc. eBay prices will be higher and I am sure that will effect some.

    Will anything change? I am really only a fan of Hermes, so most of my spending is done with them (i.e. scarves, jewelry, etc.), so I doubt I will stop buying from H just because of the price increase...it's typical every few years, right?!

    I just wonder if the prices will continue to get so high that Hermes will once again become a "true" luxury item....KWIM??
  10. The price is already very high and get higher each year. I think I should buy only what I am in love with and should do it as fast as I can before it goes up way too much that I am afraid to spend that much money on bags!! Especially for crocodile. :yes:
  11. To be quite honest, I view this price hike as a normal fact of life. It would be unreasonable to think that prices would never change - especially with the devaluation of the US dollar, inflation, etc.

    My love for H remains constant. And I don't expect my shopping habits to change one iota. As long as my finances are healthy, I will keep buying this brand.

    I wish I can say the same for others but I doubt that will be the case. As we enter into a recession (if we're not in one already), I expect more of what's already started during the holidays - a tightening of purse strings and less customers shopping in general. The oohs and aahs will forever be there. But you'll definitely hear less "ka-ching".
  12. I'm with Preppy, since I have yet to buy my first bag the price increase on that won't hurt as much. I'm still planning on buying my first (and for a while, probably only) bag later this year. I'm trying to declutter and streamline my life so I'd rather have one bag I really love, no matter the price, than to buy more at a lower price and not love them all, KWIM? And like Orchids said, I think that the overall state of the economy makes more of an impact on what people buy than the actual price of the item. I make ALL luxury purchases in cash, not on credit and not at the expense of funding my long term retirement savings so theoretically how my portfolio does really shouldn't affect my spending, buy psycologically it's hard to spend $7000 on a bag, even if I have the cash, when my portfolio has "lost" that much in the market (but it will recover!)

    I am bummed about the scarf increase, I was just starting to get into those and now I'll probably have to not buy all the ones I was hoping to buy.
  13. There's no question that I'm cutting back on the number of bags/things I used to buy from the previous years. I made a personal master plan for what I would like to order from the store (bag wise) in the future, and I will keep my relationship in the store *warm* with smaller things from time to time. I'm lucky that I started buying (bags) over ten years ago so I can take it slower now, or even stop and feel pretty lucky with what I already have. After 07 orders come in, I'm good with 1-2 bags a year.
  14. I can't see myself slowing down anytime soon. The way I look at it is that it not as if the prices are going to go down from the current price, so I might as well buy as much as I can before the next price hike!
  15. Well, I have a few POs and SOs coming in. Am just glad that I picked up one of them last year as it was a big ticket. I have a few more coming and I am sure it will cause a major "Ouch!"

    I'm with hermes_lemming... prices have steadily increased over the years. It is a fact of life... I remember when birkins were about $4K or so!! But the increase this year has just been a little high compared to the yearly 3% or so.

    Will this faze me from buying? I'd like to say yes but probably not... Hermes is an addiction for me... I always joke with the SAs that for me H is like "crack" and they respond that at least the only harm done to me is to my wallet and not to my physical being - heh!

    Overall, I think this new price increase will slow down general purchases.