Ok...now I'm REALLY banned from LV

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  1. So today I bought a lot of supplies for University...it came to a total of around $160 CAD and before I've already spent around $150 on supplies, plus another $700 on textbooks. Since my dad agreed to pay for all of these things, I was supposed to be paid $300 back for the supplies that I've bought this week.

    But instead of paying me back...he decided that he'll take out another $700 plus whatever money is available out of my bank account and put it into my *real* savings account where I get 3.0% interest per year.
    That's a good thing, yes, but it also means that I'll be spending my whole next paycheque to pay off my Visa...(from my summer eBay purchases :P I can pay it all off now, but I decided to wait) and I was planning on using the leftover money from paying off my Visa plus a few hundred from my bank account to buy myself a nice, new LV from Holt for the first time...

    But now I can't because I'll have around $100 in my accessible account left :crybaby: (not including the $275 CAD I put aside for the transparent inclusion bracelet) With Christmas coming up in three months and a TON of birthdays in December...and considering my meagre part-time job income...I probably won't be able to buy another LV for a long, long, long time... :crybaby:

    Oh NOOOOOOOO...:crybaby:
  2. Oooh that must be an ING account that your dad has for you !

    My dad does the same thing to me too.. bah. Well, except I don't get book money anymore.. double bah !
  3. Don't worry, it will be Christmas/Holiday season soon. I am guessing there will be some LV on your wish lists.
  4. I'm not lucky enough to receive LV as Christmas gifts :smile: I think the most expensive gift I've ever received was the $200 ring that my boyfriend bought my for our first year anniversary.

    My parents never buy me expensive gifts, so I never bother putting anything expensive on my wishlist...if I even make one.
  5. :sad:
    :sad: Poo.
  6. Which bag were you planning to buy?
  7. Hey, don't feel sad *hugs*. Enjoy all your beautiful purchases now and I'm sure you can afford a new one soon:yes:. Sorry but a very wise dad BTW.

    PS. You sure you don't need me to email your bf about that ring:graucho: JK
  8. Mono Speedy :sad: or a Mini Lin wallet
  9. Have patience! (hug) I'm broke now too because of tuition I just paid and I'm still getting books as well so no big purchases for me for a while either. I'm just counting down till after Christmas. Seems so far away but I swear the time will go by fast! And then when you get your new bag it will be worth the wait!
  10. It's ok! Don't be sad! Think about the positive! Focus on the GORGEOUS inclusion bracelet that's gonna be yours! :love:
  11. So all your bags so far are from ebay? Were u planning on buying the speedy 30 or 25?
  12. I guess that's the sacrifice with going to school :P

    3% interest rate? Are you with HSBC?!?! Haha!

    And perhaps you won't be getting LV for Christmas, but I bet you'll get money from parents and relatives!!! Just save that up and get something grand for the new year!
  13. Oh poo, that stinks! :crybaby: I'm in somewhat of the same boat. My hubby and I are trying to save to buy a new home so I'm having to really watch what I spend now, too :crybaby:
  14. Ummm, I dont mean to sound disrespectful to your Dad, buy whos money is it? Yours? The money from YOUR salary? I would NEVER, EVER think of doing that to my daughter (shes 24). As long as she pays her cell bill and gas bill, the money is all hers. (I pay her car payment and car insurance) I DO require her to put $200 from each and every paycheck and bonus checks into her savings...HER savings. Shes been doing that since she was 18 or 19 and now at 24 she has saved well over $10,000.00..but I digress, I would have a heart to heart with Dad and let him know you allocated that money for other things....I personally dont agree with dads decision about YOUR money.
  15. Psssh, I never got gifts from my parents for Christmas or birthdays. It's okay though. I shower BF with gifts and he wonders why. My most expensive gift also came from BF (just like yours).

    You'll get through it. Just think, you'll be able to get what you want next year. Maybe a break isn't that bad. ;)