ok, now i'm crazy. lubed my mirror

  1. before




    Since the mirror can't be "massaged", all I did was rub many coats of lubriderm on the mirror leather. Though there are still veins, you can't see the white-colored marbleling anymore. :graucho: OK, now I'm officially obsessed. I really really really need to do work!!!!!
  2. On any other blog, the words "I've lubed my mirror" would be nothing short of hysterical.

    Good job, by the way!!
  3. hehehe, good job, girl! Now I've seen everything, lol!
  4. I love it! Good job!
  5. hmmmmmmmm, so i guess all we have left to try is the tassles :roflmfao:
  6. i know! i was gonna do my tassles but got tired and lazy! LOL!
  7. hahaha I did my tassels and mirror while they were on my bag! haha... didnt even think it was weird until just now...
  8. well, you're much more thorough than me mocean! HAHA.
  9. or just really really really bored! i need a new hobby. i'm thinking of teaching myself to reupholster furniture to curb my PF use and balenciaga obsession! :roflmfao:
  10. hahaha. i need to work on my dissertation, but have been spending ALL of my free time taking pictures of my bag and posting them!!!! NEED TO GRADUATE!