Ok now I'm completely confused Maggie wise

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  1. OK, no comments from the peanut gallery that I'm completely confused about the Maggies & you all know I'm a Maggie nut, well, OK just a nut in general.


    I put a rose Maggie on my want list waiting for PCE and it looks like PCE is around the corner. Now I can't find a pic of Rose Maggie anywhere. Plus there was the peony croc Maggie right? Is that still available. NOw embroideered Maggies.

    Too much goin' on! I tried to go through the websites and through the Madison library thread & do a search here but I get too much on the threads here & not enough on the website. Help!
  2. LOL! Sorry I'm no help just had to chuckle because Spring Coach has got me floating! I have no clue what's Japan, China, USA, or if something is called rose, peony, or pink! No clue if it's limited edition but sold out or still available and not limited edition! CRAZY!
    I give up!:whiteflag:
  3. The Rose Maggie and Croc Peony Maggie are on the Coach Japan website, but should be available through JAX or your boutique. Drill down pics are attached. There's some info on the embroidered Maggie in one of the new lines threads, I'll see if I can find it and post it for you.

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    Thanks those threads are getting really long & confusing
  5. The Embroidered Maggie is on my Avitar
  6. I'm really wishing now that I hadn't bought my plum Maggie and held out for the violet embroidered Maggie. Ugh...lol
  7. What? violet embroidered? Where's a pic of THAT?! :drool:
  8. so far no one's bought it yet so no pics it's 798 and a limited edition made for the chinese flagship store, only 20 some were made. it looks like baglady's bag in the color that crystal-d? got her audrey in
  9. Yikes, $798 is more than a little out of my price range! I think I'll stick with a classic leather Maggie if I get one.

    I am supposed to be on ban though. *le sigh*
  10. Ooo yeah...I didn't know they were that much either. I just saw a pic and wanted her. I'll stick to my plum Maggie now! :P