ok, NOW I want one of these...

  1. Remember the Heart key fobs...with "Coach" written in script in the middle?

    yeah...seen one of those around anywhere? The only ones I see on eBay are fakes.

    Or do you think Coach will come out with this as a charm? (or is it exclusive to the Thompson line?)
  2. ^^ i have been wanting the heart one ....,
  3. the ones on the Thompson are really heavy to be keyfobs.
  4. The charm came out last summer, and each store had a few..I got one they are perfect charms. Rare to find. I will post a pic when i get home.
  5. Does anyone know the serial # of the brass heart key fob (the one that Bag Fetish posted a picture of) by chance?

    thanks in advance!
  6. wow, I've got mine off my thompson bag - maybe I should sell it on eBay to offset the cost of the bag! LOL
  7. I have the heart one, got it off eBay. It's #92069.
  8. I got mine for Valentine's Day last year with my medium Carly... Not sure where you could find one now... I do love it though, I just put it on my new Bleecker large leather tote in Magenta that I got for xmas!!

  9. I just bought one off ebay and now I am wondering if it is a fake :shrugs:
  10. thanks i'm going to hunt that thing down.
  11. HEY! Me first!!


    thanks tlloveshim for the serial number!

  12. :whistle: lemme know what you decide.... :whistle:
  13. :heart: That heart keyfob is way too cute!!! :heart:
  14. ive found one but judging from the pic's above its fake :sad:

  15. Too cute, I love it. :heart: