OK, now I know what it means to have your heart skip a beat...

  1. OK, I never knew before. But, when I opened the box, my breath was literally taken away. For a minute, I couldn't breathe. This bag is so gorgeous. I honestly feel like I will never want another bag. I know it is just the honeymoon period but I have never felt like this before about a bag. I love everything about it. And, she was made in France.

    So, I would like to present, Miss Trevi PM. :heart:
    trevi.JPG trevi inside.JPG trevi modeling.JPG trevi modeling 2.JPG
  2. love it! congrats! :biggrin:
  3. Enjoy your new Trevi !!!!!!
  4. ooh that's cute! i'm kind aliking this bag..
  5. Beautiful!!! Congrat's and enjoy :smile:
  6. I agree she is an absolutely beautiful bag, I was never that crazy from pics from preparing the summary thread but when I saw her IRL I understood, she's perfect no weather worries shoulder and handheld what more could you want
  7. Thanks everyone. Yes, Label Addict. I agree. I was taking pics and no matter what angle, I couldn't capture the true beauty. It really is a worry free bag.
  8. Wow, gorgeous!!! I. want. this. bag. congratulations on your Trevi.
  9. Hey, I saw this at the mall, today! But I couldn't see it up close because the SA I was dealing with was a brat. :yucky: Congrats!
  10. You totally rock that bag! I love it! May you wear her always in good health!
  11. OOoh.. I love this bag more and more.. I will be checking it out this weekend!!
    Congrats, it looks fab on you!
  12. congrats...absolutely gorgeous...now I'm really excited for mine to come from elux...enjoy!
  13. Beautiful!!
  14. That bag looks FAB on you...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this style!
  15. Congrats it's beautiful!