Ok Now i am confused!

  1. I ordered the Kooba Elisha Red and its on its way BUT then i saw this bag ( by Tyle) and now i am thoroughly confused. I need a red/dark red bag but not 2! What do you guys think? I like bigger bags as i carry around alot of stuff.
    Tylie.jpg Kooba.jpg
  2. The leather on the Kooba looks so much nicer IMO. A muted deep red rather than shiny and glaring. I think Kooba's style is a little more classy too. How much is the Tyle Bag?
  3. Kooba....hands down!!! That other bag looks too shiney for me. :jammin:
  4. I LOVE that other bag especially the blue one. It looks like a perfect summer bag. I do have a Devin already though so maybe if they go on sale I will buy one.
  5. I like the leather on the Kooba better.
  6. Kooba no doubt!
  7. My vote is for Kooba as well. I just got the Elisha last week and I love it.
  8. the kooba looks much yummier!
  9. the kooba looks hotter!
  10. I prefer Kooba
  11. not even close: KOOBA!