ok now DH may divorce me for this but............

  1. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BAG!! K, here is my nightmare story...............(yes I am a total PITA!)

    DH and I were at the Forum shops in Vegas at the end of April. He let me buy a white abbey sig hobo and matching french wallet. It sits in the closet and I NEVER USE IT!

    So Sat, June 16th I finally make it down to my local store to check out what's left of the sale stuff. I see this purse and to me it's sooo cute and bigger than the abbey. I politely ask if there's any way I can exchange my abbey for it even though I understand it's over the 10 day return/exchange policy. The manager is super nice and says yes she can do it for me if the bag is in perfect condition. Of course it is, never used it. So Sun, June 17th I drive all the way back down there to swap the white set for the new set which is called New Britt and the matching wallet. I take it home and DH says EWW, that's UGLY! This totally irks me.

    On Thurs, June 21st I call the manager and say again I am SO SORRY but DH said this bag is not ok, can I please exchange it. She says yes. So today June 23rd, I drive back down there again (it's about 30-35 mins away - one way!) to swap it out. After much debating on what to get, I decide on the horsebit med hobo - which I'm nt 100% sold on but it was better than the New Britt. My SA sells me the white one which I was just trying on and didn't realize that I wanted the brown one. SO I leave, go to my car and see she gave me the white one, not the brown, so I go back and swap it out for the brown. I then head over to another Gucci store close by and see the brown small Pelham (which is my dream Gucci bag BTW). I start to talking to the manager and ask her which bag she would buy between the horsebit and the pelham, she responds with "I have both". She then tells me that the Pelham is a great bag, it will last longer than the horsebit and the leather straps are more comfortable and will soften up tremendously after some use. She even let me try hers on.......so that was it. I finally gave in to the price tag (OUCH!) and bought it. So now I have my dream bag and this baby is staying with me, no returns here!! Not even if DH tells me to return it.........I'll find something to sell so I can keep it!! She even gave me a bottle of leather condition, told me to put it in the straps, fill it up with something moderately heavy and hang it on the doorknob and it will soften the straps right up so they will stay on my shoulder and not fall off. I'm so excited to wear my new bag!! I'm just not happy that I'll have to lie to DH about the price of it. :push:
    Oh I also got a wallet too, I got the continental zip around wallet, love it!! I'm not an open bag kind of person cuz I usually throw my purses around but this one doesn't even bother me that it's open cuz it's high enough to go right under my arm so I don't have to worry about someone reaching in from behind or something falling out. And it's pretty deep too so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Oh funny story. I went into the store (this is at the second store), tried on some purses with my stuff in them then left to walk around and think about it. It had probably been about an hour then I went back in and tried on the pelham and horsebit again. I then go to get my wallet and notice my cell is missing. I then start frantically searching my pockets, thinking of all the places I just went to (had tried on some clothes- maybe I left it in the dressing room, bought some sunnies - maybe I left it there) then for some reason I pull a purse off a high shelve that I had tried on with my stuff and there it was, in the cell phone pocket...........I'm so frazzled!! hehe. :smile:

    Now on to the pics:

  2. So what do you think of my new bag & wallet??

    Ya know DH might be mad but you know what at least I am 100% happy with my purchase and I will actually use this bag. Had I kept the horsebit, I was only 50% happy with it and good chance I prob wouldn't have used it more than two or three times and then it would have just sat in the closet. This may have cost more but I am positive I will wear this baby out!!
  3. LOVE IT!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  4. you're so funny! maybe your DH wouldn't mind, he'll just want you to be happy :p

  5. quick question, the tag on this bag said it was $1245 but I was charged $1295 for it and I just looked it up online and it says $1295, should I call them in the AM and see if they will credit me the difference or what? I mean $50 is $50 (or 1/3 towards the purchase of the camera case I want) and they are two different prices......what should I do?? I still have the price tag.
  6. I think the prices went up but even so they should have changed it on the tag. No harm asking. I would.
  7. Congrats!!! so did you keep the med horsebit too?or did you exchanged it for the pelham???
  8. U made a right choice though I also like the horsebit as well. I used to hv both of these 2 bags but have since sold them away due to unforseen reasons. HOwever, Pelham is nicer than horsebit (as the chain buckle on top sort of bother me) and Pelham is much more comfy to carry as well. ;)
  9. beautiful bag! congratz!
  10. love the bag and the wallet... cheers!!!:love:
  11. So very nice. I have this bag,too. It was my first Gucci purchase and it is very classic. I know you will have many happy wearings of this baby. It is everything that Gucci should be,don't you think!??
  12. I am sure your husband will be happy that you are finally happy!

    I love the Pelham bag with the brown trim, congratulations.
  13. they're both gorgeous, congrats.
  14. sooooooooo pretty! :smile: im glad u got the bag of ur dreams!!! :smile: and yeah that was the price before the increase and i doubt they will because thats whats in the system now BUT it never hurts to ask!!! :smile:

    good luck on dealing with the DH ;)
  15. Love the bags. My husband gave me a 'when did you get this bag?' talk the other day. He signed for the package when it came but didn't know what it was. I could've sworn he saw me take the bag out of the box tho but somehow he thinks I was sneaky about my purchase.

    Anyways, good luck wit him.