OK..not able to decide

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Which color Peyton is your favorite?

  1. Fuschia

  2. Grey

  3. Gunmetal

  4. Green

  5. Red

  6. Purple

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. #1 Feb 23, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2010
    So I am going to ask you guys your color opinion. I can not decide on which color Legacy Peyton to get. I keep going back and forth everyday on it.

    I've seen modeling shots with Fuchsia, Red, Grey, Black, Green... and they all look amazing.. so if you have one.. or don't what would your favorite color be?

    Also if there is a color I don't have listed please don't hesitate to shout it out!!
  2. Are we talking old Peyton with the Legacy stripes lining?
  3. i had one in white. but returned it. i love the bag. but i think the red is hot and so is the grey... actually... i'm no help- they're all great! LOL
  4. Yes sorry..

  5. Seee!!! It is so hard to decide! :nuts:
  6. I voted grey, I've been eyeing that one!
  7. My favorite is the black patent! It's a sharp looking bag! I :heart: it!!!
  8. I have a red one and LOVE it, but I also love the grey! Hmmm..
  9. I voted Grey but I love all of them with the heritage stripes (if we are talking the older Peyton)
  10. See I love the Grey too.. I just have so much Black, Grey, Neutral in my bags and wardrobe that I wanted COLOR!!! Ugh.. this is a hard decision lol
  11. I know what u mean about having black bags, i would go with color and i have the fuchsia and i love her to death, i also like the Red one. I am like you and wanted Black Patent, but everyone needs some color in their life :biggrin: GL and keep us updated :smile:
  12. I love the Ocean! But Grey is next =)
  13. Of the ones listed, I like red the best. Overall though, my favorite is atlantic. :love:
  14. OH! I have to check that thread out. Thank you!