Ok...need your help deciding AGAIN!!!

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Which one should I keep?

  1. Keep the Bleecker Flap ($336)

  2. Keep the Ergo Large Hobo ($199)

  3. Keep them BOTH (I really shouldn't)

  4. Return them both...you don't like either!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. :shrugs:Ok... I have dilemma (AGAIN) on which one to keep:thinking:!

    I bought the large Bleecker Flap in BUCKSKIN at the recent PCE ( I paid $336.00 for it)...it had to be delivered Fed-Ex because my store did not have in stock...the one I received has kind of a yellow cast to it and I am not sure if I am crazy about it, plus I am really afraid that the scratching that is going to occur on this bag are not going to blend in very well as it is used. (I have the same bag in wine...and I love that one, it scratches, but rubbing it with your finger makes the marks instantly disappear).

    So anyway...
    Last night I went to the COACH outlet to do a return and of COURSE, I had to take a lap around to see if anything would catch my eye, and low and behold, they had a nice selection of all the NEW PEBBLED LEATHER ERGOS. I was able to get my hands on a LARGE HOBO in Bamboo, for $199.00. I think, if I am correct, they were originally $398.00.

    I am just looking for a nice light colored purse to carry for spring/summer, and do not intend on keeping both:rolleyes:, at least I don't think so;).

    Which purse would you suggest I keep? Like I said before, I do have a Bleecker Flap in wine, and as far as from the ERGO line, I only have a Tobacco Belted Hobo.

    I am so bad :wacko:at making up my mind...THANKS for your help :yes:!!!

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  2. Keep the ergo, it is gorgeous!
  3. IMO I think you should keep the ergo hobo in the large... lovin that style for spring/summer... and the color is really neutral, it would go w/a lot! :tup: Good Luck deciding!
  4. Keep the ergo.
  5. I like the ergo.
  6. Wow, that was really a tough one and I had to think about it for awhile. See, I love ergos and the large Bleecker flap. Reading this makes me want to visit my outlet to see the new ergos! Back to subject; after giving it much thought and staring at each picture and pretending they were my bags....I've come to the conclusion that the buckskin bleecker is tdf! I think it's the perfect shade of buckskin that just glows against the brass hardware. It makes my heart go pitter pat and although the ergo is VERY nice and desirable in that bamboo hue, it is a little on the plain side and does not jumpstart my heart like the bleecker does. Don't get rid of that coveted buckskin bleecker! It has the edge over the ergo I think.
  7. I vote for the bleecker, but you can't go wrong either way. :tup:
  8. I am so bad but I voted to keep them both. I love both of them and the colour is gorgeous on both. Good luck with your decision.
  9. I like the Bleeker flap better
  10. I say go with the Ergo. You could use it everyday and not worry about it getting scratches like you would with the Bleeker.
  11. I vote for the Bleecker Flap in Buckskin .
  12. ITA about that Bleecker - it is gorgeous in that color! That being said, it sounds like you prefer the Ergo, so keep that one. :yes:
  13. IMO..

    keep the ergo! I love the shape of them and how they slouch..

    then you can buy something completely different with the extra money! something new!!!
  14. I love the ergo you got and the price is just perfect.
  15. if you already have a wine bleecker, and are not sure of the buckskin one then I think the ergo would be best to keep.