Ok- need guy help!

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Apr 6, 2007
Hi everyone-

Here is the scenario- there is this guy in my volunteer group. His name is Jax. He has been there for several years and I just started volunteering a few weeks ago. I was introduced to him a few weeks ago and he was very nice. The next thing I noticed is that he had viewed my profile on our professional site (you can tell when people do this). So I sent him an email saying hello and asking for tips on our policies, etc. He wrote back right away and offered his help. He stopped by my building later that day to say hi to me and mentioned we should do lunch sometime, etc. We probably exchanged over 10 emails back and forth for the next 3 days. Then on Friday as we were emailing again, he mentioned he would be leaving early (had family in town). Another friend of ours was going to lunch and asked Jax to come too. Jax told me he would try to make it, but was swamped and wanted to leave early. He did come to lunch, and it was awesome. He smiled at me, said things like I reminded him how much he missed back home, etc. And basically since he came to lunch, he got out late that day. Before he left on Friday, he invited me to a baseball game that his group is going to (unfortunately I cant go) And today he sent me a friend request on Facebook...

I really like him and my friends think he likes me too- what do you guys think? Is he interested in me? One thing that is interesting is I am divorced, and he will see that on my FB and see that I have a kid.... do guys care about that sort of thing? He is only 26, and I am 31.....
Sep 25, 2010
From what is sounds like he is interested in you! Being divorced with children is not very unusual, and it doesn't seem to matter to a large percentage of guys. I've known plenty of guys who have fallen in love with divorced women with children. If it does matter to him, he's not the guy for you.

Good luck, and have fun!
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