ok need advice about gcs

  1. ok so this is sort of embarassing to ask but i have all these gift certificates that i've gotten as gifts over the last year or two. i wanted to use them to buy something at lv but i'm a little worried they won't want to take more than one for a purchase. if you had more than one gc would you use it to buy something or just use it to buy smaller stuff and purchase your lv outright (say with a cc)?

    to be clear i have a bunch of amex/visa gcs for like 50, 100, 68 something (used part of a 100 dollar one). plus i want to return something to lv for 130.

    i also have store gcs- macy's for 75 and i have to return something to bloomies- not sure how much that will be...

    if i use say everything at macy's i would have 300-400 dollars. but would the SA kill me and not let me do it?

    ah i'm so embarassed. :sad: :push: :shame:
  2. I had to kind of chuckle when I read this. I don't think they care whether you use one or more than one gift certificate as long as you go at a time when it isn't busy!
  3. it's so embarassing right?

    but i lose money on some of the cards for every month i don't use them and since i want something new from lv i figured i better use them soon!
  4. Just as long as they get their money, that's all they care about! :p
  5. Not so much embarrassing... I mean it's still $.
  6. Yeppers :yes:
  7. If policy allows it then it should be ok. Nothing embarassing since it's still money, but yeah, try not to go when it's crazy.
  8. yeah but here i am like "ok, there's 50 on this one.... 68 on this one... 100 on this one...." hey, at least they'll remember me right?
  9. I say use them all....they're yours so you can spend them however you like!! I've never heard of policy where you can't use more than 1 GC at a time. :yes:
  10. ok, so what do i get? LOL.

    depending on where i go i might have a little more or less....
  11. Gift Cards are cash, so don't be embarassed!! Just use it.... but it's a bummer if you're losing money on the gift cards for non-use. In CA, they are not allowed to deduct $ from gift cards for non-use. Anytime I get a gift card, I spend it within a couple of weeks!! It burns a hole in my pocket!!!
  12. i know. 2 i had for a year! omg. i think i can't find one now too!!!!
  13. Dont worry. I used 5 $100 bloomies GCs all at one time. bloomies GCs is the only reward I feel worthy to redeem from Amex points, coz I can use them for more LVs...LOL. nothing to feel embarrassed at all, its actually easy for the SAs to take it, coz they jus need to swipe the GCs thru the machine, and that's it. Hope you get some wonderful stuff from LV with your GCs!
  14. thank you all so much for making me feel better about it.

    omg bbq- i would love to get gcs from my cc. i WISH.