ok, my traveling outfit (terrible photo)

  1. so, I'll be doing a LOT of traveling this winter and I'm wondering if this outfit is rad for travel


    Thermal shirt- Splendid
    Pants- some leggings I've had forever, but I'm gonna get these from AA [​IMG]
    Boots- RTW f/w 2008 Michael Kors

    bag- should be pretty obvious on this forum (and, not pictured, a honey Fendi spy bag as soon as I find the honey one somewhere in Atanta.)

    I'm definitely keeping the boots and bag for my traveling ensemble, but I'm thinking of wearing maybe a cute tee and a cream sweater duster or maybe just get a long cardigan (cream) or maybe a cream turtleneck sweater. I dunno if I'm a huge fan of the thermal top for traveling. too pajama-y
  2. I would actually not wear boots if you're traveling in the US, you have to take your shoes off at most security checkpoints and boots are hard to get on/off.

    I think any of your top options are nice, but you'll need more layers as airports and planes can get freezing. So maybe even another cardigan to put over that top. I always carry a huge cashmere wrap on planes.
  3. ooh i like the idea of a huge cashmere wrap. pics???

    I'm not too worried about taking the boots off, 'cos they're pretty easy to get on and off.
  4. I agree with mundodabolsa about the cashmere wrap. You can also use it as a blanket.
  5. alright, I'm gonna look into getting one on eBay. thanks for the awesome tip, y'all!
  6. Yup, wraps/shawls are amazing for plane rides.
  7. Yet. Boots slows you down big time and I don't like anything to slow me down because I want to be reunited with my bags at the other end asap.
  8. I LOVE the shirt and leggings! For me I would add some UGGS because they're super comfy and easy to take off too. Good idea with the wrap. I usually add a big scarf to keep warm And I alway travel with a pillow.
  9. I travel a lot with boots during the winter. If you REALLY want to wear boots I still recommend wearing them on the plane even though you have to take them off at security since it's usually easier than trying to pack them. I usually don't take any more than a carry on so I wouldn't be able to fit boots, clothes, etc. in my bag if I didn't wear them.
  10. I think the outfit is adorable. I am a flight attendant and a wrap is a MUST -- do not put your head on a pillow or blanket or the seat. I have seen the NASTIEST stuff happening on the plane !!uughhh!!!

    your bag is adorable too. Don't pack it to heavy.

    You look really cute!
  11. I LOVE YOUR BOOTS!! where did you get them?
  12. oh yes, they are AWESOME. they belt up at the op part there, but ou can take the belt off and fold 'em down {turns into a pirate-y shearling cuff.)

    they're michael kors; we got 'em at Neiman's and they're CHEAP. only a little more than 3 bill (apres taxes) for some REAL classic boots. God I love that michael kors.

    ooh ooh and they're SUPER WARM. they make your legs look fat, but it's cos it's lined in this super plush shearling. you know how that man loves his dang shearling!
  13. Your outfit is really cute! I agree with the boots because of the security checks etc, maybe substitute them for lower, slip-on boots? So you can take them off quickly or run if you need to catch a connecting flight?

    Just ideas on what I mean :smile:


  14. i love the outfit!!!!!!
  15. I assure you your legs do not look fat...you look hot...I would add a wrap..for sure! Great look.