OK, my Stam is finally here!!!

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  1. Well, I actually got it on Tuesday but the whole ordeal of borrowing a digital camera has been the one that slowed down the process of posting pics here. I apologized it's been like forever and probably you guys are out of enthusiasms already, haha. So here's the pics. I'm so happy :yahoo:. I just went a little crazy on the picture and taking it from every angle :nuts:. I've been carrying it whenever I get a chance :P. The leather is oh so soft and I just can't stop sniffing the leather :love:. It smells great.
    00000001.jpg 00000003.jpg 00000012.jpg MJ Stam- front.jpg Stam- back.jpg Stam- handle.jpg 00000014.jpg 00000011.jpg 00000009.jpg 00000017.jpg
  2. There's always enthusiasm for a new bag! She looks great. Enjoy! :flowers:
  3. Very nice!
  4. OMG! That is GORGOUS!!!! Congrats & enjoy you lucky duck!!!
  5. It's gorgeous!!
  6. Congrats! It's so beautiful! Enjoy your new Stam!
  7. Congrats!!:yahoo:
    It's very beautiful! I'd love to see pics of you wearing it:yes:
  8. Beautiful, congrats!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. =)
  9. Beautiful! Is that a putty? Congrats and enjoy!
  10. Congrats!! She's so very beautiful.

    Have you had any problems thus far with the kisslock or chain?
  11. that a very pretty color
  12. LuvManoloB, it is a putty :love:. I'm so glad I got this color cause it's a very difficult color to find and this is the only color I want! :yahoo:I'm still head over heels :P

    mpark46, since this bag is pretty new I haven't got any problem with the kisslock. I haven't got a chance to use the chain. I just feel it won't be comfortable on my shoulder, especially if I'm carrying quite a few stuff in there. What do you think of the chain? Or anyone?
  13. Ooooooo...it's beautiful!!!:nuts: :love: Congrats!!! Thank you for so many pics too...perfect eye candy!:yes:
  14. That bag is gorgeous. Love the Stam. I have 2 wait for a sale b/f I buy one. Hubby is already steaming from my 3 MJ purchases I made during Saks end of season sale.
  15. Hi - I have a putty stam too. I purchased it last March from the MJ store in SOHO. I just have a question for you. Do you find the leather to be on the structured side, or is it soft? My bag was structured when I first purchased her but I notice the leather is getting softer. I also heard that some of the puttys were softer than others.
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