OK, my job's not this bad . . .

  1. Wow that's absolutely ridiculous... it sounds more like a fraternity hazing event than an actual job :blink:
  2. :weird: ....that expression pretty much sums up anything/everything I have to say
  3. HAHAHAHA I don't know why but that just made me laugh. She will get a nice chunk of money though. I would have looked at them and walked out right when I saw that the team building was going that way
  4. Yikes! And I thought my team building for being a student leader in college was unnecessary. I can't imagine that actually happened!
  5. irgh...i HATE teambuilding exersizes on general principle but YIKES...i would have pitched such a fit at this. i'm with megs and would have walked out. no job is worth that.
  6. Its corporate hazing. I can't believe stuff like that still goes on.