Ok, my cles collection is complete

  1. for now.......
  2. lovely cles collection!!
  3. I love your Cles family. They're so pretty!
  4. I love them!
  5. gorgeous cles collection!
  6. lovely. and you are also a mac girl just like me :smile:
    what do you use your cles for?
  7. Nice!
  8. They're all lovely.:yes: Makes me wish I had started buying cles too.
  9. wow! great cles collection! :yes:
  10. very nice......love the vernis one's.......
  11. very nice!!
  12. :nuts: Nice Cles family:love:
  13. great family pic!
  14. Love them all! But, your white suhali from Hawaii is such a gem! And, so classy... I think about that cles a lot... I'm weird, huh?
  15. Your Suhali is my fav!