OK MY 05 Caramel 1st Came What do U THINK??

  1. The bag that made us go huh :P
    I did compare it to my 06
    The leather is Different on the 05 then the 06
    it feels THICKER if that makes sense
    not really alot of veins
    I AM sure it's the real deal

    what I did notice is on the o5 and o6 the FONTS where it says made in italy... THEY are a different size...Is that the way IT IS????
    I do like the color ...it's just is a SIMPLE easy color (If that makes any sense )

  2. Niceee I love it :love:
  3. not sure on the fonts, but it looks purtee, congrats!
  4. NICE! Congrats
  5. Simply Gorgeous!!!
  6. [​IMG]

    I had this colour in the twiggy style and i've loved it so much!!!
    See pic

  7. its lovely,. nice colour.
  8. VIP,
    I LOVE that! The color is perfect. I don't know about the fonts, though, maybe pm byMiMi?
  9. Thanks everyone..That twiggy style is growing on me
  10. my calcaire's font was like that too.
    I think it's great!!
  11. Love it!
  12. Beautiful!!!!!! :love:
  13. Congrats!!! The color is beauuuutiful! :love:
  14. That is good to know Winona ..I was alittle scared Since Everthing else LOOKED right..kwim

    Thanks again Everyone:biggrin:
  15. I love it! Congrats!