Ok, mundo's been holdin' out... confession time!

  1. Hi everyone!

    Let me start by saying my life has been sort of crazy the last two weeks, hence the delay in this news. Also, I really didn't want to post a thread without pictures, so I was waiting until I could borrow a camera or get a friend to take pictures, but it didn't happen. But I want to blab already since today is my first day off since the holidays, so here goes...

    Remember the about 50 posts I made about wanting a nero cabat? About being almost ready to get my nero cabat? Well... I DID!!!! :yahoo: I've had it for about two weeks now. I had a work conference in NY and I wanted to have it by the time of the conference so I could use it and it was absolutely perfect. I didn't need to take a single other bag with me (last year I took 4!) I'm in seventh heaven with my bag. :love:

    So, nero cabat became BV #2. But, then I found a studded maxi veneta (like the one Syma had but returned) on sale. Every time I looked at her pictures I longed for one, so I jumped on that wagon too. It's such a perfect bag for me. Huge, but light and practical, and not boring but not gaudy either. Just the right amount of rocker edge to it.

    At the same time, a limo makeup pouch was on sale and I figured it was the perfect item to use to store all the little things I need in my bag when using my cabat. And I had been wanting some limo for a long time.

    So, the summary, my BV collection (which was previously just my ferro sloane) has actually become a collection in the last few weeks. And I'm boring as hell as I have no pictures :lol:
  2. We will cut you some slack for now but you know we are going to demand those photos sooner or later! What great bags, I have always admired that studded maxi veneta, I am just not rocker chic!
  3. Wow, you scored well, mundo! Congrats!
    A nero cabat - what more could a BV lover ask for! Do post action pics as I love drooling over Cabats in action.
  4. Wow, wow, wow! Cannot wait to see your action pix. I confess to really having a jones for a cabag - lucky you! Enjoy the bags, mundo - I bet you really rock them!
  5. thanks for the sweet words guys :flowers:

    I really feel like a teenager with her first boyfriend :girlsigh:
  6. Many congrats Mundodabolsa!!!! I can't wait to see the pics of you rocking your new BV bags, and be sure to post some action pics as well of the gorgeous cabat and maxi veneta.:yahoo::yahoo:I'm so glad my pics inspired you!
  7. don't hold your breath for the pictures guys, I don't own a camera (not even on my phone), so it may be a while :push:
  8. mundo, congrats! A Cabat is such a gorgeous bag and I think it`s even clearer that it`s meant for you after so much thoughts you put into it!

    Anyways, we cannot stay pic-less! How about taking your whole haul for a stroll to the next camera-store and test-driving their cameras? :biggrin:
  9. Congrats, mundo.. love to see the pics
  10. congrats, mundo..did you buy the medium or large nero cabat???and where did you buy the maxi veneta on sale? I would have thought they were long gone...can't wait to see pics..
  11. the medium. when it first arrived I thought it was a smaller than I had remembered, so then I went to try the large, and was pretty certain that the medium was the right size for me. I like the drape of the large better, but I'm only 5ft tall and petite so I felt like it looked a little comical instead of chic.

    And after a week of using my bag in NY and stuffing it to the brim, I'm super happy with the size, it would get so heavy if it were a large! Not that the bag is heavy at all, it's just I tend to fill whatever space I have.
  12. Yay, mundo! You finally got your Nero Cabat... and a studded veneta, and a limo cosmetic bag. Congrats! What a nice collection! Can't wait to see the pics!
  13. Congratulations mundo! What a great haul! Can't wait to see pictures... could you borrow a camera from someone?!?!
  14. I love the stories that go: "and then I bought this, and then I bought that"! Congratulations on such a haul, sounds like you bought useful, versatile and gorgeous items.
  15. congrats on the nero cabat. i am so glad you are enjoying it so much. i know what you mean about the drape of the large being so fantastic. mine are also medium and i had a lot of trouble deciding but the large is a lot of bag and i agree medium is terrific. enjoy all your new things.