ok more obsessive questions about Ali

  1. Does it stand up on its own ?
    Is the flap easy or hard to get into with one hand ?(I have two kids)
    How much bigger is it than a small duffle or large leather hobo (bags that I carry regularly)
    Is the only difference between Ali and slimflap that the slimflap is lower profile than Ali but otherwise same size ?
    Is it a bag that you see a lot of fakes of (the khaki sig with ebony trim)
    And finallly. I am 5'6 and not small (although I am working on that) Will this bag drop etc look ok on me ?
    The stores closest to me do not carry legacy, thanks ! I need to know if I should continue my obsession or focus on another bag ! thanks :smile:
  2. Wow, so many questions! But all good ones. My Ali stands up when there's stuff in it, although it still slouches a bit.

    The Ali is deeper than the slim flap. It holds a LOT more and i prefer the look.

    It's definitely a good sized bag. The holding capacity would probably be similar to the large hobo. It's really comfortable and easy to wear.

    The flap is pretty easy to get in and out of. I open and close the flap all the time while still wearing it. I know a lot of moms have this bag and really love it.

    I'm 5'7 and the size is perfect for me. You're definitely a good hight for this bag.

    I have it in Whiskey and i love it to pieces. I definitely reccommend it. It's an absolutely wonderful bag and I'll love it forever.
  3. thank you !
  4. My pleasure :balloon:
  5. I have it in white and agree with the above! It stands on its own with stuff in it although it gets softer with use. It fits more in it than a medium size Carly. The front pocket is great for putting small items in! The flap is easy to get into and the shoulder strap stays put nicely. I'm 5' 6" and not small. I think it's a good size bag for my frame. I can carry it easily without it getting too heavy for me as well. I almost got rid of it but now I'm glad that I didn't. I love it!
  6. The Ali is easy to get into - the flap doesn't pose a problem for me at all.

    In terms of fakes, I haven't seen any. In fact, I have only seen one other Ali besides the two I own!
  7. I agree with the other posts as well! Stands on it's on easy to get into the flap and I think you should continue your obsession and get it! I have it in the khaki/ebony and have actually never seen a fake in that color combo and I am pretty good at spotting fakes!
  8. It does stay up on its own, but it is really slouchy - the pics are misleading. It holds waaaay more than the slim flap - the slim flap holds your stuff in place with its narrow, cozy fit. There is tons of room for stuff to get lost in the Ali. These 2 things bother me, but I loooove the look so much, and it is very very comfy to wear. Plus it holds so much and looks great with everything, dressy to casual, work to evening. I have a slip flap and love it but it doesn't stand up since it doesn't have a flat bottom. I've never seen any fakes close to it. It's a beautiful bag. If you get it and don't like it, you can return it for free.
  9. I had almost all these same questions as I ordered an Ali today and was (am) a bit apprehensive about the size of her, so thanks for starting this thread.

    I'm not crazy about bags where everything inside gets all jumbled up and this is my main concern about Ali.
  10. I don't really find myself losing things in my Ali. It holds a lot, but it's not so big that I have to dig around in it. But i put most of my little things in bags so i don't have a lot of loose stuff floating around. If i have something random to stick in, it usually goes in the front pocket.

    You can stuff this bag if you need to and it doesn't look overstuffed. I've put a sweater and a water bottle in it in addition to my normal stuff.

    I just love my Ali so much. I love everything about her. :love:
  11. my wallet, wristlet, and planner are placed vertically in the bag instead of horizontally, which makes them easiery to get out. small things like keys fit nicely in the front flap glasses always in the slip pocket. Easy!
  12. Awesome info ! Thank you everyone !

  13. Ditto to all of this, except I'm only 5'0" on a good day and I have it in black. It's pretty big to me, but it slouches a little and fits pretty well against the body so it doesn't seem nearly as big to me now like it did when I first got it.
  14. I have the Ali and love it. It stands up on its own with stuff in it, its roomy and I like the length of the strap. A favorite bag of mine.
  15. You guys have me so excited about this bag...

    Re. the stuff getting jumbled up inside it, has anyone tried a chameleon insert or a purseket for it? I know that the lining is gorgeous and who would want to take away from that, but if there is a need for internal organization, maybe a small purse organizer would work?