OK...maybe a purse ban's in order.

  1. My new Spiaggia Bambino!
    I ordered this sight unseen, and I'm so happy with the little plane dude centered....and no random "boobage", as you all say! :roflmfao:
  2. thats an awesome hermit crab too. i love the hermit crabs!
  3. It's cute, sparklyseahorse! I've been wanting to get something Spiaggia blindly, but I'm afraid to take a bag full of random boobage...
  4. Very good. I'm more of an Adios girl myself but the plane guy is adorable. I wonder if he's on my spiaggia zucca?
  5. ooooooooh soooo adorable!!! i think bambinos and bocces are totally under-rated! they actually hold more than you would think! SOOOO cute! luv the plane guy and luvin' the bambino :smile: congrats!
  6. Cute bambino! I like how it looks mostly pink in the background. Nice find =)
  7. Thanks you all!!
    Anyone stare at these prints like it's one of those Magic Eye pictures? I always seem to find something new on these prints...weird.
    I have a question though- I've gotten a few bags so far, and what do you all do with the ball chain? I read on here that some people use it as a necklace? What is it for? Any reasons for it?
  8. :tup: :tup: Adorable...congrats on no boobage! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    So what's the ban about? What else did you buy? :graucho: I'm on an all out :ban: but whenever I see something I NEED I buy it anyway :shame:
  9. Jen, the ban needs to come about because within the last 6 months I've bought an LV bag and wallet, 2 Campeggios, 1 Bambino, and I have a Ciao on the way. If I have too many purses, I will feel bad about not using them all enough!
  10. hehee it's like half my bambinone!

    i am on a definite ban. i have too many purses and too little $$$.
  11. That's so adorable! I love the red adios star kite on the front :yes:
  12. Hahaha!!

    A fitting congratulations though - this bag's print placement I actually like!
  13. :amazed::amazed::amazed: We both are officially :banned:
  14. Such an adorable bambino!! I love the airplane guy on my dolce too :biggrin:
  15. congratz! cute bambino