Ok LV lovers, what's your real name?

  1. If you don't mind sharing, that is...

    I'd feel more comfortable referring to you with your first name rather than always using your forum username...

    So what is it?

    Mine's the same as my username :yes:
  2. my name is cathy
  3. Sophia :heart:
  4. Laura :angel:
  5. Karman, what a cute name!

    Well, I won't give my real name because I am *always* paranoid that one of my students will pop into TPF and see me (I might even change my avatar back to being anonymous), but I will give some hints and maybe someone will guess it. We all love games, right?


    1.) I was named after a popular brand of shortbread cookies
    2.) I was also named after the Scottish heroine in a 19th century novel
    3.) My name is not popular here in the states, but it is popular in England, Scotland, and Ireland, which is funny, because now that I am married to an Irishman, I have the most irish-sounding name. If you look at my avatar, you'll see why it is funny--I look far from Irish!:roflmfao:
  6. My user name "Kalena" is the hawaiian name for "Karen", which is my real name.
  7. Irene:flowers:
  8. My guess is that your name is Lorna as in Lorna Doone.

    My name is Deb.
  9. :flowers: my name is Jamie:flowers:
  10. I'm sure they'd be so many repeated names...

    Anyways, I'm Sarah.
  11. My name is Annessa. :yes: I don't mind if people refer to me by my sn or my real name.
  12. Naomi here!
  13. Nina!:wlae:

  14. :yahoo::yahoo::drinks::yahoo::yahoo:

    You win!
  15. im KRISTIE! this is so fun to know everyones name. :heart: