Ok - looking for help, please....:)

  1. Hello all:smile:

    With the price increase around the corner, I have always been curiously in love with the lockit in monogram. I am petite - 5'2. I really want the lockit horizontal:smile:
    Please share your love for it or not. I would sincerely appreciate any words of advice on this bag. I have not tried it on yet, but am looking for a daily bag to use for work, shopping, play, etc.

    Thank you so much for any thoughts!
  2. I think the Horizontal will look nice on you. :yes:
  3. Thank you for your reply, LVbabydoll! Honestly, I have never seen it around where I live, which makes it that much more mysterious and appealing to me;)
    Do you have one? Is it an everyday type of bag?
  4. i've seen a woman around 5'2" carrying once at a restaurant and she looked great with it. i think it will suit you well!
  5. I wasn't a fan until we had a Hawaii meet and one of the gals Colleen03 wore her's with her Pomme Heart hanging as a bag charm. She totally rocked that bag and ever since I saw her with it I knew it was on my "to get some day list." I think you'll love the bag!
  6. Thanks Nakolulu! I need to check out this bag!:smile:

    Hi Rileygirl - so funny you mention the Pomme heart - I have one and totally thought it would look so pretty on the LH:tup: Um, was Colleen03 about my height? I so wish I could go to LV right now and try this bag on!
  7. It's not too common here either for some reason. I don't have this bag but I do have the Batignolles Horizontal, which is quite similar in size. I think it's perfect for an everyday bag and is quite spacious. I'd definitely get it if I were you. :yes:
  8. i've only seen the lockit horiz. once and i think its a cute bag! i think with your height, you can definitely pull it off.
  9. THe great thing about the LH is that it has a zipper, unlike the BH. If you love it, then go for it! :smile: