OK, LOL...I'm just going to come out and ask...

  1. Hi everyone...this may be a really silly question, but I'm fairly new to Coach and just have to ask...what is a PCE?? I've been reading this forum over the last month or so and really love it. You all seem like such genuinely nice people and very knowledgeable on this subject. I keep reading about PCE and thought...OK...I'm just going to ask. Thanks in advance for the info!
  2. :yahoo: Private Customer Event. An invitation sent by mail to purchase Coach products at a discounted price. (it's nice to get one, even if you don't use it! :roflmfao:)
  3. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Do you have to buy so many bags in so many months to get the discount?? I purchased 3 in just the last month along with a couple of keyfobs...I went a little crazy...lol.
  4. You have to be purchasing at either the coach boutique or factory store. Things you buy at macy's, etc. won't count towards it. Im not really sure how much you need to spend though? It seems as though some people who spend a lot dont end up getting them, while others only buy a couple of small things & get it. It seems random!
  5. Hello, first time blogger here. PCE is actually Preferred Customer Event. Ive been told they are random, regardless of how much someone spends. And if you don't use it, they won't send you another! :sad:
  6. The biggest factor in getting the PCE is making sure Coach has your information and that they mail things to you. Make sure your purchases are recorded and it never hurts to chat with the SA a little. I think that someone else compiles the list somewhere from information in the system but if an SA knows you and knows you will shop then they should call you.
  7. Hi welcome lilly. Just wanted to clarify, I did not use my June PCE invite but still received the September one. I really am not sure how it works because after my first boutique purchase of a scarf last year, I received an invite for the following pce and have been receiving them since. This past one, 2 friends that shopped outlet only, received invites. It is a great way to get people into the stores.
  8. pce coupons are mailed out on a pretty random basis...they sletect a certain number of retail and a certain number of outlet shoppers and send coupons out to them. before i started working there, i had only made about three purchases a year at an outlet, and of course, right after i started working there, i get my first PCE invite.

    keep in mind they are only valid at full-price stores, not the factory stores! :smile:

    happy shopping!
  9. I'm not sure how true that is. I got invited last time and a lot of my purchases came from macys and bloomies. I did register all of my bags though. I think that might have made a difference (not totally sure)