ok lok what was on my bed when I came home tonight!

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  1. I am about to go to bed but was so exicted I had to share. I went out with the girls tonight and got back and on my bed was an LV box!!!!!!:tender:
    My hubby got me a suprize!
    I open the box and this is in it
  2. What????
  3. sorry the file type was wrong! Suspencful LOL

  4. I have been talking about this for weeks!!!! LOL and here it is
  5. I am so jealous, I can't wait until mines arrive, but in black of course!
  6. Cant see what it is!
  7. So courious!!!
  8. ya....can't see....brings me to hotmail....
  9. I can't see it!! What is it??
  10. I can't see sorry. It brings me to the hotmail page!!!!! Don't do this to us!!
  11. LOL ok fixed it
  12. It's a white mc petite noe.
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Great color combo too!
  15. Oh, now I see it! Thanks for fixing it! WOW, it is soooo pretty!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.